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ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Trailer Pump Shipped To Kyrgyzstan

2023-06-22 09:57

Recently, an electric concrete trailer pump from ZOOMJO is about to be delivered to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This ZBT40D electric concrete pump is highly sought after for its high efficiency, high quality performance, low cost and environmental friendliness. It has excellent conveying capacity and can easily transport concrete up to 140 meters to meet the needs of long distance construction, with a coverage length of up to 500 meters away.

Electric concrete pump

Concrete trailer pump, also known as concrete transfer pump, is a modern construction machine mounted on a trailer that pumps concrete to the target location through pipes and can be driven by electric or diesel engines.

The structure of electric concrete trailer pump includes main machine, hydraulic system, control system, bracket and mixing system, etc. It is compact and easy to operate, and can achieve high quality concrete pouring effect, with the features of long-distance pumping and safety and reliability.

ZBT series trailer concrete pump is suitable for conveying concrete with aggregate size of 4cm and below, and the displacement range is from 24m³/h to 100m³/h. The application field of electric concrete trailer pump is wide, not only for construction sites, but also for concrete placement in bridge projects, highway construction, tunnel construction, water conservancy projects and other large projects.

The main reason why customers in Kyrgyzstan choose electric concrete trailer pumps is the many advantages of this equipment. It has high efficiency and can quickly deliver concrete to the target location to improve the project progress. Secondly, the quality of the electric concrete trailer pump is excellent, allowing for stable operation and reduced maintenance costs. Most importantly, the equipment is environmentally friendly, which helps to reduce the ecological impact.

With the booming infrastructure development in Kyrgyzstan, there is a growing demand for efficient and reliable construction machinery. As a modern construction equipment, ZOOMJO electric concrete trailer pump is popular in the market for its excellent performance and functions. It not only enhances the construction efficiency, but also can reduce labor input and cost expenses.

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