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Diesel Concrete Trailer Pumps & Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Trucks for Sale in Singapore

2023-06-21 10:06

Recently, ZOOMJO's diesel concrete trailer pumps and self-loading concrete mixer trucks have been shipped to Latin Mas in Singapore. The combination of these mixer trucks and concrete pumps enables perfect production and pumping of concrete and is much more suitable for site construction than a typical concrete mixer pump. The production capacity of the mixer truck and the pumping capacity of the concrete pump are much higher than the traditional concrete mixer pump, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency.

Concrete trailer pump

Trailer-mounted concrete pump is an efficient and flexible concrete conveying equipment, which can convey various types of concrete, including large aggregate, medium flow concrete, mortar and high strength concrete. It can significantly improve the efficiency and construction speed of engineering construction and is especially suitable for projects such as housing construction, bridges and tunnels.

Diesel concrete trailer pump is a new type of concrete conveying equipment, driven by diesel engine, which can effectively convey concrete to the construction site and realize automatic pouring, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

ZOOMJO's concrete pump has the following advantages: it can convey concrete with aggregate size of 4cm and below, with a displacement range of 24m³/h to 100m³/h, a horizontal distance of up to 500m and a vertical height of up to 150m. It adopts the advanced hybrid transmission technology of diesel engine and diesel pump, which has the advantages of high flexibility, easy operation, good mixing effect, safety and reliability, and simple maintenance. It is suitable for concrete pouring in construction sites, bridge projects, highway construction, tunnels, water conservancy projects and other large projects.

Self-loading concrete mixer is a special vehicle for concrete mixing, which can load, mix and transport concrete by itself, and deliver concrete to the construction site for construction. The self-loading mixer has a maximum travel speed of 30km/h and a productivity of about 12-30m³/h. All bucket movements are carried out by means of a guide handle.

Self-loading concrete mixer

The product advantages of the ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixer include:

1. High degree of automation: it can automatically complete the tasks of mixing, transporting and discharging, reducing the difficulty and labor intensity of manual operation.

2. High mixing quality: The materials of concrete can be mixed evenly to ensure the quality and uniformity of concrete.

3. Convenient and quick transportation: It saves time and cost by eliminating other transportation equipment.

4. Wide range of construction: The self-loading concrete mixer is suitable for different construction projects and sites, which enhances the flexibility and diversity of its application.

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