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Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale at Factory Price

2023-11-10 14:48

Concrete mixer pump, also known as concrete transfer pump, is a kind of equipment that transfers concrete from its original location to the location where it needs to be poured. It consists of a mixer, a transfer pump, and a control system. The simple structure of concrete mixer pump helps the operator to get the required high quality concrete quickly. In addition, it is characterized by low power, small size, easy movement and low cost.

Concrete mixing pump is an indispensable machine in construction sites, and the concrete mixing pump produced by ZOOMJO is highly favored. This equipment is commonly used to transfer concrete of different specifications to the required site, which can both mix and pump concrete, eliminating the need to purchase a drum or twin-shaft concrete mixer. ZOOMJO concrete mixer pump can deliver concrete with aggregate size of 4cm and below, with concrete displacement ranging from 40m³/h to 100m³/h, concrete conveying vertical height of up to 100m, and horizontal distance of up to 500m.ZOOMJO concrete mixer pumps have been widely used in high-rise buildings, water conservancy, overpasses, bridges, and other large-scale projects since it entered the construction market.

Types of concrete mixing pumps

ZOOMJO's concrete mixer pumps are mainly divided into two types: diesel concrete mixer pumps and electric concrete mixer pumps. Diesel concrete mixer pump has unique advantages, integrating the functions of diesel concrete mixer and concrete pump, high mixing quality and high pumping efficiency, saving a lot of cost and time for investors.

Common Concrete Pumps

Electric and diesel concrete mixer pumps exported to overseas countries

ZOOMJO concrete mixer pumps have been exported to more than 50 countries, including Pakistan, Kenya, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. Whether it is electric or diesel concrete mixer pump, ZOOMJO has won the favor of users all over the world with its high quality and high efficiency performance.

Jamaica customer purchased ZBJ30C diesel concrete mixer pump truck.

ZOOMJO electric concrete mixer pump for road construction in Indonesia.

ZOOMJO Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump for Housing Construction in East Timor

ZOOMJO Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump for sale in Lima, Peru

ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Sent to Malaysia

ZOOMJO Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump sent to Philippines

ZBJ40C Concrete Mixer Pump sold in Nigeria

ZOOMJO Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Specifications

Model ZBJ30C-9-66 ZBJ40C-10-82
Max. concrete output (m3/h) 30/23 40
Concrete pumping pressure (MPa) 9 10
Outlet diameter(mm) 100 150
Electrical engineering power(KW) 66 82
Pumping system pressure(MPa) 28 32
Mixing system pressure(MPa) 10 10
Max mixing speed(r/min) 20 20
Capacity of oil tank(L) 350 350
Discharging capacity of mixer(m³) 0.45 0.45
Mixer productivity(m³/h) 10-14 10-14
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(m) 120/400 150/600
Max. aggregate diameter(mm) 20 Scree:40
lnside diameter of delivering pipe(mm) 100 125
Dimensions:(L*W*H)(mm) 4500x2200x2600 4500x2200x2600
Total weight(kg) 4800 5200

ZOOMJO Concrete Mixer Pump Features

1. adopts advanced S-valve, reverse non-clogging, can convey mortar concrete and commercial mortar concrete. s-valve can automatically compensate for the wear gap, good sealing performance.

2. with anti-pump function, which is helpful for timely troubleshooting of pipeline in a short time.

3. the longest life of the glass plate can be more than 30,000 cubic meters.

4. high outlet pressure can meet the pumping demand of high-rise building and long-distance construction.

5. automatic centralized lubrication system is adopted to ensure efficient lubrication during the working process.

Structure of concrete mixer pump

6. hydraulic oil cooling adopts air-cooling system, which is easy to use and has good cooling effect.

7. The displacement can be changed manually to meet the needs of users with different displacement.

8. The equipment adopts wireless remote control technology, which improves the control distance. Humanized design, easy to operate.

Advantages of ZOOMJO concrete mixer pump for sale:

1. the pumping system of our concrete mixer pump is of high quality and easy to operate.

2. Closed hydraulic system can greatly reduce the working noise and ensure a comfortable working environment.

3. Independent cleaning system of pump mixer, easy to clean and prolong the service life of pump.

4. Our concrete mixer pump has long horizontal and vertical pumping distance, which can fully meet your pumping needs and requirements.

Concrete mixer pumps for sale

Optimization suggestions for concrete mixer pump operating tips:

When operating a concrete mixer pump, here are some simple tips:

1. equipment inspection: check all parts of the mixer pump before use to ensure that everything is working properly.

2. pipeline installation: install the concrete conveying pipeline correctly and check the sealing to prevent leakage.

3. Parameter Adjustment: Adjust the parameters of output flow, pressure and mixing speed as needed. 

4. Mastering the control system: Familiarize yourself with the buttons, switches and control levers of the mixing pump and understand their functions.

Application of Concrete Mixer Pump

5. After stopping the pump, the pump nozzle, pipeline and other parts of the rinse in a timely manner to prevent concrete caking.

6. Regular maintenance: clean the pipeline regularly, check the lubrication system, and replace the wearing parts.

The above suggestions are designed to ensure the smooth operation of the concrete mixer pump and extend the life of the equipment. Operators should follow these steps for regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the equipment runs in an efficient and safe condition.

ZOOMJO Group and after-sales service

ZOOMJO Group has a long history of producing concrete pumps and offers many types of concrete pumps, including concrete trailer pumps, concrete mixer pumps, small concrete pumps and so on. In terms of after-sales service, ZOOMJO has established a perfect customer service system, including overseas service network and professional after-sales service engineers. Whether it is installation and commissioning, technical consultation or spare parts service, ZOOMJO provides customers with all-round support in a professional and reliable manner.

Concrete Mixer Pump Manufacturer

ZOOMJO concrete mixer pumps have become an indispensable and powerful assistant in construction projects with its excellent performance, advanced technology and globalized market layout. If you are looking for high quality concrete mixer pumps, ZOOMJO will be your reliable choice. Contact us now for more information!

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