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Concrete Line Pumps VS Boom Pumps: Choosing The Right Concrete Conveying Equipment

2023-04-22 17:31

Concrete pipeline pumps and boom pumps are two types of concrete conveying equipment. Concrete conveying equipment is capable of transporting large quantities of concrete to locations that are difficult to reach by traditional means.

Trailer Concrete Pumps & Concrete Boom Pumps

In the following, we will describe these two types of equipment to help you choose the right concrete conveying equipment:

Concrete Pipeline Pumps

Concrete pipeline pumps, also known as hydraulic transfer pumps, hydraulic discharge pumps or concrete transfer pumps, are commonly available in types such as truck-mounted concrete pumps and trailer-mounted concrete pumps. Trailer-mounted concrete pump is a mobile equipment, which usually consists of trailer chassis, concrete pump, hydraulic system and electrical control system. It can transport concrete from the concrete mixing plant to the site where construction is needed, and is widely used in large construction, water conservancy, tunnel and bridge projects.

Structural diagram of trailer mounted concrete pump

The advantages of trailer-mounted concrete pumps include

Flexibility: Because it is mobile, it can easily reach the site where construction is needed, especially those places that are difficult to reach with conventional equipment, such as mountainous areas, high altitudes and deep layers.

Efficient: Trailer-mounted concrete pumps have efficient conveying capacity and flexible operation, enabling them to quickly deliver concrete to the construction site and to meet the needs of different construction conditions.

Economical: Compared with other concrete conveying equipment, trailer-mounted concrete pumps are relatively low cost and can reduce labor and time costs.

Stability: The trailer chassis and pump body are professionally designed and manufactured, which has better stability and safety.

Applications of trailer-mounted concrete pumps include large infrastructure construction, high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, piers and water conservancy projects, which are widely used in the construction industry.

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps are compact units that include flexible concrete placement hoses manually connected to the machine output and other extension hoses to achieve the desired operating destination. Its lengthy hoses are usually attached to the trailer-mounted pump and run freely along the ground. The hoses allow for more precise concrete delivery and are ideal for horizontal pours.

Concrete mixer pump and trailer mounted concrete pump

Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are mobile concrete pumping equipment, often referred to as "truck-mounted pumps" because they are mounted on a truck. This type of pump is equipped with a retractable arm that helps operate the mechanism remotely to deliver concrete to where it is needed. Boom pumps are typically used for large projects that require large amounts of concrete, such as high-rise buildings and large infrastructure.

Boom pumps have several advantages. First, they have efficient concrete delivery speeds and large capacities, making them the best choice for large projects. Secondly, boom pumps are able to deliver concrete precisely from high places, reducing labor costs and improving concrete placement accuracy, which is important when building high-rise buildings. In addition, boom pumps are able to reach higher altitudes and pump more than 150 cubic yards of concrete per hour.

Boom trucks are widely used in many projects. For example, when constructing high-rise buildings, boom trucks can deliver concrete to higher heights without the need for traditional tower cranes. In large infrastructure projects, boom pumps can deliver concrete where it is needed, thereby speeding up the project schedule. In road and bridge construction, boom pumps can deliver concrete to where it needs to be placed, thus ensuring the sturdiness and durability of roads and bridges.

Concrete Boom Pump | Concrete Pump Truck

Both concrete pipe pumps and boom pumps have their unique application scenarios and advantages in concrete pumping. Which type of pumping is chosen depends on the specific project requirements. In general, a boom pump is a good choice if a large amount of concrete needs to be delivered high up in a building. If concrete needs to be poured more precisely on a flat surface, a concrete pipe pump is a better choice. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the pumping equipment you choose will help you complete your project, save time and labor, and improve quality.

Both boom pumps and concrete pipeline pumps are used for concrete delivery, and the choice of which equipment depends largely on the specific use scenario and needs. Here are some comparisons of them:

Applicable scenarios: Boom pumps are suitable for high-rise buildings and large projects, such as bridges and tunnels; concrete pipeline pumps are suitable for ground construction and small projects, such as houses and squares.

Transmission distance: Boom pumps can transmit concrete over longer distances, usually up to 100 meters or more. Concrete pipeline pumps have a shorter transmission distance, usually within 50 meters.

Construction efficiency: The operation of boom pump is relatively complicated and requires professional operators, but a large amount of work can be done in a relatively short period of time. The operation of pipe pump is relatively simple and can be operated by relatively unskilled workers, but its conveying speed is slower and construction efficiency is lower compared to that of boom pump truck.

Concrete Pump Suppliers

Cost: The boom pump truck is more expensive, but can substantially improve construction efficiency. Concrete pipeline pumps are relatively less expensive, but may require more time and labor costs for longer transmission distances and large amounts of concrete delivery.

Therefore, the choice of boom pump or concrete pipe line pump should be based on specific construction needs and scenarios.

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