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How To Operate Concrete Mixing Pump?

2023-04-28 15:19

For people who are new to concrete mixing pumps, this versatile concrete equipment can be very surprising to them. Mixing pumps can both mix concrete and pump concrete to where it is needed, which improves efficiency and saves labor costs, and is loved by building engineers and construction workers. So, what is the difficulty of mixing pump operation? Here's a brief introduction.

1, we need to arrange the piping according to the site so that we can pump concrete to wherever it is needed. We usually attach 60-100m piping to the equipment, which can meet the needs of most customers. With proper piping arrangement, the mixer pump can easily deliver concrete to high-rise buildings, bridges and tunnels and other special occasions.

Concrete mixer pump

2, When starting the equipment, the operator is required to turn on the feeding, mixing and pumping functions respectively according to the project needs. It can usually be operated by control panel or remote control. The remote control that comes with the equipment allows the operator to control the equipment more flexibly, and the effective distance of the remote control is usually 100 meters, which can meet the need of controlling the equipment in different positions.

3, the loaded concrete needs to be fed directly into the pumping unit, the mixing function is turned on, and the concrete is mixed and stirred, and then pumped to the required construction site through the pipeline. The whole operation process is relatively simple and only requires the operator to be familiar with the mastery.

The operation of the mixing pump is relatively simple and requires only certain operating skills and experience. By mastering the operation method, the operator can make full use of the function of the mixing pump, improve the construction efficiency, reduce the labor cost, and provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project.

ZOOMJO concrete mixer pump has the advantages of flexibility, convenience and good concrete quality. It is easy to operate and can be easily controlled by control panel or remote control. It is suitable for various construction sites, bridges, tunnels, hydropower stations, docks, etc. The high efficiency and multi-functionality of ZOOMJO concrete mixing pump make it one of the indispensable equipment for modern construction.

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