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Concrete Mixing Pump Model & Application Scenario Introduction

2023-05-04 17:38

Concrete pump truck is an efficient construction equipment, which can transport concrete from mixing plant or mixer truck to construction site, reducing labor and time cost and improving construction efficiency.

Concrete pump truck can be divided into four models: concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete boom pump and truck-mounted pump. Each model has different concrete pump models to meet different construction requirements.

Concrete trailer pump is a common type of concrete pump model, which is usually used in smaller construction sites and hard to access places. The concrete trailer pump has a relatively short conveying distance, usually within 200 meters.

Concrete mixer pumps are a combination of concrete mixing and conveying equipment that can transport concrete over longer distances. The advantage of concrete mixer pump is that it can mix while concrete is being conveyed, which improves the uniformity and quality of concrete.

Concrete boom pump is a kind of equipment used in large construction sites, which can transport concrete to high and far places, and is suitable for large building structures, bridges, tunnels and other projects. The boom length of concrete boom pump can reach more than 60 meters, which has the advantages of height and distance.

Truck-mounted pump is a common type of concrete pump truck, which has the advantage of high mobility and can be quickly transferred between multiple construction sites. The truck-mounted pump has high pumping efficiency and can meet the requirements of various different construction sites.

Customers can choose the right concrete pump truck model according to the specific conditions and requirements of the construction site. When choosing a concrete pump truck, you need to consider the size, distance, height and concrete ratio of the construction site. At the same time, you need to choose a regular manufacturer and a construction team with professional experience to ensure the use and construction quality of the concrete pump truck.

ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete pump truck with many years of production experience and technology accumulation, providing customers with high-quality concrete pump truck products and excellent service.

ZOOMJO's concrete pump truck products include concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, concrete boom pump and truck-mounted pump, which can meet the needs of different construction scenarios. Its products are characterized by solid structure, high pumping efficiency and long service life, which have won the trust and praise of many customers.

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