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How To Choose The Right Concrete Pumps?

2023-04-24 16:28

In the construction market, concrete pumps play an important role to finish concrete pouring work quickly and efficiently. However, with the development of concrete pumps, there are more and more brands and models of concrete pumps in the market, making users face certain troubles when choosing. This article will share some tips for choosing the right concrete pump.

Concrete Trailer Pumps For Sale

The selection of concrete pump should take into account the building type, characteristics, required conveying distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump model and other factors. For projects that require a large amount of concrete at one time, a certain amount of reserve should also be considered.

Next, the building type, structure, construction technology requirements, site conditions and environment and other factors need to be considered. In general, the main performance parameters of the selected concrete pump should be consistent with the construction requirements or slightly larger. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate will be low, but too small a capacity will accelerate the loss of concrete pump truck.

In addition, the higher the mobility and boom height of the concrete pump truck, the stronger the construction adaptability, so in construction should try to choose a high boom concrete pump truck. Common concrete pump boom length between 28 and 36 meters, long boom concrete pump will also become the main model in construction.

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps shipped

Compared with other types of concrete pumps, trailer-mounted concrete pumps have greater mobility and can be quickly moved to the construction site for concrete delivery, which is suitable for small and medium-sized construction sites. In addition, trailer-mounted concrete pumps also have the advantages of small size and light weight, making them easy to handle and operate.

When selecting the type, it is also important to adhere to a high starting point. The internal and external quality of the concrete pump should be compatible with the high value of the whole pump. The power system also needs to consider whether the hydraulic technology is advanced and what is the quality of the hydraulic components. The operation control system has three control modes: manual, wired and wireless, among which wired control is convenient and flexible, and wireless remote control can be operated remotely. Due to the special function of concrete pump, after-sales service is also more important.

Choosing the right concrete pump requires consideration of many factors. Users should make comprehensive consideration according to the specific situation and choose the most suitable concrete pump for themselves, so as to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

Towed Concrete Pump Manufacturers

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