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What Is The Farthest Conveying Distance Of Concrete Pump?

2023-05-04 17:15

A concrete pump is a piece of equipment used to transport concrete along long horizontal and vertical pipes to a target location. For construction projects, the distance that a concrete pump can deliver is a very important indicator, as it determines which type of concrete pump can be used.

There are more types of concrete pumps, which include concrete trailer pumps and concrete mixer pumps. In both types of pumps, both diesel and electric power sources are available.

concrete pump

ZOOMJO is a company that specializes in concrete pumps, and its diesel concrete trailer pumps and electric trailer pumps have a delivery capacity of 30-90 m3/h and 30-80 m3/h, respectively. Meanwhile, ZOOMJO sells diesel concrete trailer pumps with a pumping capacity of 300-1200m horizontal distance and 100-300m vertical height, while electric trailer pumps have a pumping capacity of 450-1200m horizontal distance and 140-300m vertical height.

For concrete mixer pumps, ZOOMJO mainly produces cement mixers with pumps, including drum mixers and twin-shaft mixers. Among them, the drum type diesel concrete mixer pump and electric concrete mixer pump can pump up to 300-600m horizontally and 120-130m vertically, while the concrete mixer pump with twin-shaft mixer has a capacity of 40m3/h and can reach a distance of 100m.

Cement mixer with pump is a kind of small concrete transfer pump, which can automatically complete the operation of feeding, mixing and high pressure pumping. It has simple operation, stable performance and easy movement, and is suitable for the transportation of large aggregate concrete and the construction of foundation piling, rural civil construction, highways, railroads, tunnels and other places.

Concrete pump can play an important role in building construction. By choosing the appropriate type of concrete pump, you can effectively control the construction cost and improve the construction quality while ensuring the construction efficiency.

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