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Introduction To Concrete Mixing Plant Maintenance & Repair

2023-04-04 14:42

With the wide application of concrete mixing equipment slowly, the productivity of concrete mixing and the continuity of production requirements are increasing, which requires the maintenance personnel to do a good job of daily maintenance of concrete mixing plant. This establishes a reliable guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment, thus producing good economic benefits.

The Relevance of Mixing Plant Management and Maintenance

In the current engineering construction process, concrete is being used more and more, and the concrete structure itself has a high level of strength and load-bearing capacity, which can fully enhance the strength of the construction project. The use of concrete mixing to complete the production of concrete materials can both improve the construction progress and advance the improvement of construction quality. The construction industry in the new era is highly developed and based on the more stringent standards of concrete quality, a modern concrete mixing plant should be selected for the actual production process, and if the mixing plant fails in this link, it may affect the normal development of concrete production and concrete quality. It is thus clear that the basic maintenance and upkeep of concrete mixing plants is crucial.

Stationary concrete mixing plant

Common faults

There are many common faults, which need to be discovered and summarized in practice.

1. Abnormal dosing accuracy

This kind of failure mainly occurs in the batching process, even though the weighing value presented by the instrument is accurate, there is a discrepancy between the actual and the set value, and the deviation is greater than the standard range. The reasons for this phenomenon are diverse, mainly fluctuations in the material feeding flow and abnormal dryness and humidity of the material, but this failure usually does not bring too much impact.

2. Inaccurate instrument display

This kind of failure occurs more frequently and usually does not have a huge impact on the mixing plant, mainly in the weighing process, even if the value presented by the dosage control instrument is the same as the pre-set value, however, there is actually a deviation.

3. Silo cannot be unloaded properly

The silo door includes host unloading door, transition bin unloading door and aggregate discharging door. There are three main reasons, mechanical failure and insufficient air pressure, and electrical failure. In this case, first of all, we have to analyze carefully and eliminate one by one to find and eliminate the fault.

4. The silo cannot add material normally

In the actual application process, it may happen that the operation panel is normal, but the specific bin does not execute the dosage operation. The main reasons for this situation are the unstable air pressure of the material scale, the damage occurred in the circuit relay and the loose wiring.

Concrete mixers

Maintenance & Care

The performance of concrete mixing equipment is influenced by several factors, the most important of which are mixing time and time utilization factor. In addition, factors such as production organization and equipment management are also critical. In addition, factors such as technical condition and raw materials also have an impact on it.

Pre-production management

1. Provide professional staff to ensure the normal operation of the mixing plant. The management is mainly professional, and the engineering company recruits personnel centrally and requires the approval of the leadership before they can be hired. The personnel should be equipped according to the standard and strictly enforced.

2. The location of the concrete mixing plant should serve the construction project, and it is recommended to keep a proper distance from the building construction site, usually not more than 12 km. The mixing plant should be located on a highway with ideal road surface conditions and preferably meet the following criteria: proximity to quarries and sand quarries and a suitable water source in the vicinity. When determining the location of the mixing plant, factors such as production cost and transportation cost should be taken into consideration.

3. The specification of the mixing plant mainly depends on the size of the discharge volume, which also reflects the actual production of the mixing plant. Therefore, the mixing plant should be set up reasonably, which is the key to ensure the comprehensive benefits. When configuring the mixing plant, not only the host and sensor should be selected scientifically, but also the conveyor and dust collector should be matched. The actual selected model and performance should be determined according to the specific conditions of the construction project.

Concrete mixing plant routine maintenance and fault repair

Routine management

1. Before using the liquid metering unit, the transport fixtures need to be checked for removal and the operation of the sensors. During the first week of normal operation of the concrete mixing plant, the locking of the sensor support and the balance of the water scale need to be checked, with subsequent periodic checks. Weights associated items also need to be checked to ensure accurate data.

2. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the material conveying system, especially the surface of the conveyor belt, to determine whether there is any runaway or slippage, and repair the damage in time. Pay attention to the inspection of the sweeper, if abnormal conditions are found, it should be replaced in time. Conduct a detailed inspection of the belt machine pulley and rollers to confirm whether there is any abnormality. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the conveying pipeline to confirm whether there is leakage, and carry out anti-freeze protection treatment in winter.

Mixing main machine

1. Carefully check the sound made by the rotating part every day and grasp the actual operation of the reducer box as well as the bearings;

2. carefully observe the distributor and sealing shaft to ensure that the internal pressure is stable and that there is also suitable lubricating oil in each lubrication point and in the reducer box;

3. Carefully stir the tank and judge whether it is normal. Check each part of the liner and blade, of which the internal distance between the blade and the liner should be controlled at about 5mm, and if it exceeds the normal range, it should be replaced immediately;

4. If the mixing host works more than 1000h, the adjustment lubricant should be replaced immediately, and if every 2000h works, the gear oil should be replaced. In addition, the application of the mixing plant tank will also produce a large amount of sticky concrete, for this reason, cleaning work should be carried out regularly, and the use of a hammer to implement the hammering treatment operation is prohibited in the cleaning process;

5. Check the actual sealing of the discharge door carefully, and if abnormalities are found, it should be adjusted or replaced immediately.

ZOOMJO professional concrete mixing plant equipment production

Maintenance & Care

1. Maintenance of concrete mixing equipment is crucial because most of the equipment works outdoors and faces the problems of dust pollution and high temperature environment. In order to ensure the actual operation of the equipment, the materials around the conveyor belt must be cleared before the official start of operation, and no-load start, and then work with load after the motor is running normally. When running with load, there should be someone to follow up and check, adjust the belt reasonably, observe the basic operation of the equipment carefully, and deal with abnormalities in time if found.

2. After each shift, comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment must be carried out, including replacing the grease of high temperature moving parts, cleaning the air filter inside the air compressor, checking the reducer, adjusting the tightness of the belt and chain, and replacing the tape and chain link under specific conditions. It is also necessary to organize centralized work inspection issues and keep detailed records to better understand the basic condition of the equipment.

3. Maintenance work needs to be carried out in a timely manner so as to prolong equipment life and enhance production capacity. Concrete mixing plant staff should regularly carry out and record equipment maintenance and overhaul work to ensure standardized production, stable transportation and reasonable pouring of concrete, so as to guarantee the smooth implementation of the entire project.

Concrete mixing plant manufacturer

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