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Mobile Drum Mixing Plant: Complete Concrete Production Solution

2023-05-29 17:09

Mobile drum mixing plant is a kind of concrete production equipment with high mobility and flexibility. It consists of a chassis, a control room, an aggregate batching and metering system, a belt conveyor, a mixer and peripheral accessories. These components coordinate with each other to make the mobile drum mixing plant a complete concrete mixing plant.

Mobile Drum Mix Plant

Components of the mobile drum mixing plant equipment:

The chassis is the basic part of the mobile drum mixing plant, which contains the traction pins of the trailer and the parking legs. The chassis is fitted with the mixer, cement and water additives metering scales, as well as ancillary facilities such as a walking platform and railings to provide ease of operation and maintenance.

The control room is located at the bottom of the mainframe chassis and has a built-in automatic control system for portable concrete mixing plant, the same as the stationary concrete batching system. The control room serves as the front support point when the mixing plant is in operation, and its control line does not need to be disassembled to facilitate the operation and control of the whole mixing plant.

The aggregate batching and metering system is located at the rear end of the mobile drum mixing plant and consists of the aggregate (sand and stone) storage hopper and the equipment equipped with walking rear axle and working frame legs. The aggregate storage hopper can be divided into multiple compartments with raised plates to increase the storage capacity. Aggregate metering adopts multi-material cumulative metering and ensures accurate aggregate feeding by pneumatically operated sequential door opening.

The belt conveyor connects the main machine chassis and aggregate batching frame with truss structure. It plays the role of connecting the main machine, belt frame and batching frame, and constitutes the main structure of the whole mobile drum mixing plant.

In addition to the above components, the mobile drum mixing plant is also equipped with cement silo, screw conveyor and other peripheral accessories. These accessories are all integrated and do not need to be disassembled either for working or transportation, which is convenient for overall transportation and disassembly.

The mobile drum mixing plant adopts modular design, which is characterized by flexible movement, easy and quick assembly. It needs no foundation and commissioning, and can be put into use immediately, which is suitable for construction projects with tight deadlines.

The whole mobile drum mixing plant adopts computer control, which can be operated automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master, with dynamic panel display function, which can clearly understand the operation status of each component. At the same time, it can store and print report data, which provides convenient management for production scheduling.

Mobile Concrete Plant For Sale

The mobile drum mixing plant has the following features:

Quick dismantling and easy moving: Except for external equipment such as screw conveyor and cement silo, all wiring of the mixing plant need not be dismantled and can be dismantled and moved within one day by using a crane. If the ground is level and solid, the plant can be put into production the same day without the need for a foundation, making it ideal for projects with tight deadlines. The portable batching plant equipped with tires and towing pins allows trailer towing at the allowed speed.

Good mixing performance: The mobile drum batching plant is suitable for dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete and can achieve good mixing results.

Convenient transportation: The size of the transport unit of each part of the mobile drum mixing plant is smaller than the vacant size requirement of the container, which makes it easy to transport on the road.

The work flow of the mobile drum mixing plant is as follows:

Aggregate batching machine and belt conveyor are used to transport sand and gravel aggregates.

A belt conveyor is installed on the head and stand of the aggregate batching machine and discharges the proportionally weighed aggregate into the drum concrete mixer.

A drum concrete mixer is installed on the mixing platform, and various metering devices are installed on the top of the mixer. Cement, water and additives are weighed proportionally and then they are discharged together into the mixer for mixing. Aggregates are fully mixed during the mixing process and the well-mixed concrete can be directly unloaded onto concrete trucks for transportation.

Mobile Concrete Plant Factory

In addition to drum concrete mixers, there are also mobile mixing plants with twin-shaft concrete mixers. This type of mixing plant can mix both dry and hard concrete. With good mixing performance and shaft end sealing, the twin-shaft concrete mixer is the traditional mobile concrete mixing plant that is popular in the market.

The emergence of mobile drum mixing plant provides convenience and flexibility for concrete production, and it is widely used in various projects, becoming one of the important equipment for modern construction.

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