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What Are The Common Types Of Concrete Pumps?

2023-04-24 15:32

What are mobile and stationary concrete pumps?

Concrete pump is a kind of conveying equipment, which is commonly used in construction sites to transport liquid concrete. Concrete pumps can be divided into mobile concrete pumps and stationary concrete pumps.

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In modern construction projects, a large amount of concrete needs to be transported to the construction site in a short period of time. To achieve this, concrete can be pumped over considerable distances by means of large pipes.

The use of mobile or stationary concrete pumps can increase the efficiency of construction projects because they can deliver high quality concrete quickly at the desired location, especially for high-rise buildings, where cranes were once required to lift concrete drums.

There are two common types of concrete pumps:

Mobile concrete pumps, also known as concrete boom pumps, are equipped with a long automatic robotic arm, similar to a crane. The mechanical arm can be moved in any direction and the concrete mortar can be pumped vertically to the location of a high-rise construction project. Using a concrete boom pump can be a significant time saver and increases efficiency by quickly retracting the extended arm after the concrete has been delivered.

Stationary concrete pumps, also known as pipe pumps, pumps are typically mounted on a trailer chassis with wheels. The concrete must be connected to the outlet of the pump through a series of steel or rubber pipes that are attached to the location where it needs to be reached. The advantage of using a stationary pump is that it can be parked at a convenient location on the job site and then be run through a hose to reach the desired location.

In addition, there are several common types of concrete pumps as follows:

Mini/Micro Concrete Pumps and Concrete Pump Trailers. Small/mini concrete pumps are suitable for small construction sites, while concrete pump trailers are suitable for small residential pours and can also replace large volume boom pumps that require slower rate output.

Concrete Pump Trailer, a concrete pump trailer is a diesel-powered truck that is fitted with a powerful pump and extendable hose pipe for pumping wet concrete that cannot be reached by a truck mixer. The concrete pump truck does not carry concrete, only the pumping mechanism and segmented lengths of hose are placed. The cement mixer pours the ready-mixed concrete into the pump truck's compartment and is then pumped to the desired job site.

A concrete mixer with pump, which combines various functions such as feeding, mixing and pumping of concrete in one machine, is called a concrete mixer with pump.

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Working principle of pumping system

By using a sequence valve, the hydraulic oil from the main pump is dispersed into the main cylinder. This pushes the piston rod of the main cylinder forward and backward. This in turn causes the piston of the concrete cylinder to move as a whole, drawing concrete into the concrete cylinder or pushing concrete out of the concrete cylinder.

At the same time, the high pressure oil pushes the swing arm which is driven by the swing cylinder. This drives the S-tube to alternately switch back and forth between the outlets of the two concrete cylinders. Throughout the pumping process, the continuous reciprocating movement of the concrete cylinder and the back and forth switching of the S-tube achieve continuous concrete suction and discharge pressure

Concrete pump production workshop

Concrete pump has the following benefits:

Improving construction efficiency: Concrete pump can deliver concrete to the construction site in a short time, thus reducing the transportation time and the cost of manually carrying concrete, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

Improve construction quality: Concrete pumps can precisely control the flow rate and flow rate of concrete to ensure that the concrete covers the construction surface evenly, thus improving the construction quality.

Reduce labor intensity: Traditional concrete construction requires a lot of manual concrete handling, while concrete pump can reduce the workload of concrete handling and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Cost saving: Concrete pumps can transport concrete to far away construction sites, reducing transportation costs, and also reducing the cost of manually moving concrete.

Wide applicability: Concrete pumps can be used in various construction environments, including high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, subways and various other sites, and have high applicability.

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The price of a concrete pump depends on several factors, including the type, model and configuration. Specifically, the cost of a concrete pump can range from $15,000 to $98,000. For a more visual understanding of diesel and electric concrete pump configurations, feel free to contact us. In addition to configuration and model number, the following can affect the price of a concrete mixer pump:

1. brand and manufacturer

2. application areas

3. shipping and transportation

4. local policies

5. local market and economic conditions

6. routine maintenance and repair costs

7. cost of spare parts

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How to buy a mobile or stationary concrete pump?

 The general process for purchasing the right concrete pump is to:

1. Discuss with the manufacturer the features you want in a concrete pump

2. Obtain a quote from the manufacturer

3. Compare to determine the features and product details of the concrete pump

4. Ask the manufacturer's customer for equipment performance and review

5. Pay the manufacturer

6. Determine production lead time and shipping to site

7. Determine relevant after-sales details

If you have any questions or need more information about mobile and stationary concrete pumps, don't hesitate to contact us directly! ZOOMJO is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment, with years of production experience and technical accumulation, we are able to provide our customers with high quality products and professional solutions.

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