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How To Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Truck?

2023-05-11 11:41

Self-loading concrete mixer trucks are one of the indispensable equipment on construction sites, but their fuel consumption has always been a concern. How to reduce the fuel consumption of self-loading concrete mixer truck to improve efficiency and save cost at the same time? Below we will introduce several fuel saving tips to help you use your self loading concrete mixer better.

Regularly inspect and maintain the self-loading concrete mixer truck. The vehicle's filter should be checked frequently to avoid clogging that leads to increased fuel consumption. Also, the tire pressure should be checked regularly to maintain the correct pressure to reduce the resistance between the vehicle and the road, thus reducing fuel consumption. If the tires are badly worn, replacing them with new ones can also improve the fuel economy of the vehicle.

It is important to drive a self-loading concrete mixer truck properly. The driver should not accelerate suddenly, as this will increase engine power and lead to increased fuel consumption. The speed should also be controlled within the appropriate range, too low or too fast will increase fuel consumption, and medium speed is the most fuel efficient. In addition, try to avoid emergency braking, because it will lead to a waste of energy, thus increasing fuel consumption.

Do not overload the self-loading concrete mixer. If you drive over the rated load, the load of the vehicle will increase, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Therefore, pay attention to the rated weight of the vehicle and keep it within a reasonable range, which will not only save fuel but also improve safety.

In addition to regular inspection and maintenance, proper driving and not overloading, you can also use high quality lubricants suitable for mixer truck engines to reduce internal friction and lower fuel consumption. In case of short stops, try to avoid idling and choose to turn off the engine or use the start-stop system to save fuel.

We hope these suggestions can help you to better manage and maintain your mixer truck, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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