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Daily Maintenance Of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

2023-05-08 16:16

The ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixer is a machine that automatically loads, mixes, transports and discharges concrete. It is a more cost effective equipment for small construction projects and its service life is closely related to proper maintenance. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to proper maintenance methods when using a self-loading concrete mixer.

Before starting the self-loading concrete mixer, you need to check the transmission pipes and hoses, the hydraulic oil level, the gear oil level and the automatic lubricating oil level to make sure they are all in normal condition. Secondly, after using the self-loading concrete mixer, you need to keep the water tank full of water and fill a certain amount of water into the mixing drum and let the mixing drum rotate slowly. With no cement and concrete clumping, discharge the effluent from the mixing bucket. In addition, turn on the wash pump and clean with a high-pressure water gun to ensure that the concrete does not cure in the equipment.

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Operate

The first maintenance of the ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixer is after 150 hours of operation and requires changing the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter. Use L-HV68# in summer and L-HV46# in winter, which complies with GB11118J-94 standard. In addition, the bolts need to be checked and tightened to ensure the safety of the equipment.

In addition to the initial maintenance, ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixers require routine maintenance. The hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter needs to be changed every 1000 hours (about one year). The drums need to be inspected weekly and maintained with lithium and calcium based grease. The universal joints also need to be inspected and maintained with lithium-based grease. 

Proper maintenance is very important for the use of ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixers. Before starting and using the equipment, it is important to check the various oil levels and pipes, keep the water tank filled with water and follow the correct cleaning and draining procedures. In addition, regular hydraulic oil and filter changes, as well as drum and universal joint maintenance, will extend the life of the equipment while ensuring its safety.

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