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The Method Of Reasonable Discharge Of Concrete Mixing Plant Sewage

2023-04-17 15:21

Industrial wastewater discharged from concrete mixing plants during the production process will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment and residents' lives if it is not treated and discharged according to certain requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the wastewater discharged from the mixing plant in accordance with certain requirements.

1. Wastewater, waste oil and domestic sewage generated by construction machinery and equipment of concrete mixing plant shall not be discharged directly into rivers, lakes or other waters, nor shall they be discharged into the land near drinking water. Therefore, if the site conditions of concrete mixing plant allow, it should be reasonably laid out, establish wastewater sedimentation ponds and car wash ponds, and lay out drainage systems and set obvious signs to ensure that the planning and design of the sewage discharge scheme can meet the discharge standards.

2. In order to prevent the pollution of the surrounding environment by garbage, large garbage accumulation ponds should be set up in the living area and office production area of the concrete mixing plant to store all kinds of garbage together and sprinkle water regularly to reduce the influence of dust. The construction of garbage disposal ponds should meet the environmental protection requirements, and the construction waste left after production should be handed over to the local sanitation department for disposal.

3. After the production of concrete mixing plant, the machine should be washed and the site should be cleaned up in time to achieve a neat and tidy site. If washing of motor vehicles and equipment is required, corresponding drainage ditches and sedimentation ponds should be set up, and construction sewage should be discharged into the municipal sewage network or rivers only after the treatment reaches the standard.

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The reasonable discharge and treatment of waste water discharged in the production process of concrete mixing plant is very necessary, not only to protect the surrounding environment and water sources, but also to promote the energy-saving and environmental protection development of concrete mixing plant. In the construction and management of concrete mixing plants, it is necessary to comply with environmental protection requirements and take appropriate measures to reduce pollution and environmental impact.

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