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Commercial vs. Engineering Concrete Mixing Plants: What's the Difference?

2023-05-23 11:52

Engineering concrete mixing plant is a series of concrete mixing equipment specially used in various construction projects. Compared with commercial concrete mixing plant, there are some differences in structural composition, production process, production efficiency and whole machine arrangement. In this article, we will compare these two types of mixing plants to provide relevant references for engineers and investors in the engineering machinery manufacturing industry.

Concrete mixing plant is used to produce concrete. Its working principle is to mix sand and gravel (aggregate), cement, admixture, water and other raw materials into the mixer according to certain matching ratio, and finally produce finished concrete that meets the quality requirements. According to the classification of concrete mixing plant, it can be divided into commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant. The commercial concrete mixing plant mainly provides fresh concrete for users within a radius of 40 kilometers, while the engineering concrete mixing plant is mainly used for concrete construction sites, such as railroad, highway, bridge and other engineering projects.

Stationary concrete mixing plant

In terms of structural composition, commercial and engineering concrete mixing plants are similar in terms of basic structure, including raw material storage system, aggregate and powder conveying system, liquid supply system, metering system, pneumatic system, mixing system, control system and auxiliary supporting system. However, there are some differences in the way of aggregate metering and conveying. In a commercial mixing plant, the aggregates are weighed independently, and each aggregate has its own weighing scale, which does not interfere with each other when weighing. In contrast, the engineering concrete mixing plant usually adopts the cumulative weighing method, where multiple aggregates share one belt scale and the aggregates are weighed in turn. In addition, there is no aggregate storage bin in an engineering concrete mixing plant, and the aggregate is fed directly into the mixer system through belt conveyors and elevators.

In terms of production efficiency, there are also differences between commercial and engineered concrete mixing plants. The productivity of a commercial mixing plant can be calculated by the theoretical production rate, which includes preparation time, filling time, mixing time, unloading time and vehicle preparation time. For example, a commercial mixing plant with a capacity of 3 cubic meters can usually produce about 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. An engineered concrete mixing plant, on the other hand, is usually more productive and can be adjusted according to the specifications and working conditions of the specific equipment, generally reaching a production capacity of 80 cubic meters per hour or more.

Foundationless concrete mixing plant

There are also differences between commercial and engineered concrete mixing plants in terms of the arrangement of the whole machine. The commercial mixing plant is usually arranged in fixed or mobile mode and can be installed at a suitable site according to the needs. Engineering concrete mixing plant is usually arranged in mobile or semi-mobile mode to meet the needs of the construction site, and has higher flexibility and mobility.

There are some differences between commercial mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant in terms of structural composition, production efficiency and whole machine arrangement. Engineered concrete mixing plants usually have higher productivity and flexibility for large projects, while commercial mixing plants are more suitable for smaller projects and commercial concrete supply needs. The choice of the right type of plant needs to be based on the specific project requirements, production scale and construction conditions.

Mobile concrete mixing plant

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