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Why Choose The Portable Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant?

2023-05-31 16:51

What is a Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant?

A mobile concrete mixing plant is a type of equipment used to produce concrete with storage, weighing, transport and discharge functions. It is similar to the stationary concrete mixing plant in terms of working action, operation and maintenance. However, mobile cement mixing plant has some unique features, such as flexible mobility, easy installation and dismantling, and simple storage management. It works by storing the constituent elements required for concrete, such as water, cement, aggregates and additives, in appropriate containers, and then producing concrete customized to the customer's needs.

What does a mobile concrete batching plant consist of?

A mobile concrete mixing plant consists of a chassis, control room, aggregate batching system, belt conveyor frame, peripheral components and concrete mixer.

The reasons for choosing a mobile concrete mixing plant are as follows:

Easy installation and disassembly with flexible mobility: no need to remove other wiring equipment except for peripheral components such as cement silo and screw conveyor. With the help of a 30-ton crane, the mobile concrete mixing plant can be quickly moved to another location. If the ground is solid and level, no foundation work is required and the plant can be put into operation the same day after installation, which is ideal for projects with tight schedules. In addition, the mobile batching plant is equipped with a towing pin and trailer and can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

Outstanding mixing quality: The portable mobile mixing plants for sale are equipped with forced twin-shaft concrete mixers that can quickly mix a wide range of materials for hard concrete, semi-dry concrete, dry concrete and other different types of concrete. The mixing quality is very important for the overall efficiency of the mixing plant.

Easy to operate and easy to configure, with high quality and accurate measurement: concrete mixer, reducer, metering sensor, control system electrical components, etc. are all made of high quality products to reduce equipment failure rate and improve metering accuracy. The mobile concrete mixing plant is computer-controlled and can be operated manually or automatically. The dynamic panel displays the operation of each component and can save and print spreadsheet data, which is very convenient for production scheduling management.

Concrete Mobile Plants

The features and advantages of the small mobile concrete mixing plant include:

Compact structure: In the medium-sized concrete mixing plant, all structural units are concentrated on a single trailer.

Stable working performance: with user-friendly design, it can work normally even in harsh environment.

Equipped with high quality concrete mixer: able to mix the aggregates evenly and maintain continuous operation.

Highly automated, stable movement, easy operation and other advantages.

ZOOMJO is a leading manufacturer of mobile concrete mixing plants, offering high quality mobile mixing plants with reliable and robust design and installation and commissioning in 2-3 days. Mobile mixing plants are suitable for various projects such as roads, bridges, dams, buildings, etc. and are capable of performing tasks in harsh conditions. Mobile mixing plant equipment makes frequent movements easier, with a simple and robust design that requires no foundation and can be used on multiple sites. A wide range of models are available to suit different needs.

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