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ZOOMJO's Concrete Mixing Plants Are Used In Road Construction Projects In China

2023-04-17 11:31

Our concrete mixing plant has recently been installed and is being used extensively in a road construction project in Northwest China. This 50 km long highway was supervised by the local government and a reputable contractor. The contracting company was very satisfied with the performance of our concrete mixing plant and indicated that they will continue to use our equipment throughout future phases of the project.

During the production process, we strictly control every step of the process to ensure that the quality of each mixing plant meets the highest standards. We use advanced production processes and technologies to ensure stable and reliable performance, easy and convenient operation of our equipment.

Our concrete mixing plants adopt the most advanced technologies, including automated production lines and high performance twin-shaft forced concrete mixers. These technologies ensure that our concrete mixing plants can produce high-quality, uniform and durable concrete. These excellent performances are also one of the important reasons why contracting companies choose our mixing plants.

Fixed concrete production equipment

Our engineers and technicians work closely with the contracting company throughout the installation and use process to ensure proper operation of the plant and to provide technical support and after-sales service at all times. This close cooperation and high quality of service has also been recognized by the contracting company.

ZOOMJO is a professional supplier of concrete mixing plants, and we can provide our customers with many types of concrete mixing plants. These include stationary concrete mixing plants, mobile concrete mixing plants, foundationless concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing pumps, concrete trailer pumps and self-discharging concrete mixers. Our products are available in different specifications and models to meet the different needs and requirements of our customers.

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