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Standard Configuration of Concrete Mixing Plant

2023-11-29 15:54

Concrete batching plant is a kind of equipment used to produce concrete, which can mix raw materials such as cement, aggregate, water and admixture in a certain proportion to form concrete that meets the requirements of the project. Concrete batching plant has a wide range of applications in the fields of construction, roads, bridges, water conservancy, electric power and so on, and is an important equipment for modern construction.

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The configuration and layout of concrete batching plant should be reasonably selected and designed according to the nature, scale, topography, climate and other factors of the project to ensure the quality and efficiency of concrete, and also consider the requirements of environmental protection and safe production. What is the standard configuration of stationary concrete batching plant? How to build it effectively? As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, ZOOMJO will analyze and explain in detail from the following aspects:

Concrete mixer and related batching system: concrete mixer and related batching system are the basic configuration of a complete production line. Only one production line can be set up for general projects, and two production lines should be set up side by side for some larger and important projects to ensure uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project. The selection of the host machine and batching system should be based on the duration of the project to maximize the demand for concrete, such as the total amount of concrete, the daily amount of concrete and other indicators.

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The type and capacity of concrete mixer should be selected according to the intensity level of concrete, construction method, construction speed and other factors, and generally adopt double-shaft forced mixer, which has the advantages of good mixing effect, high production efficiency and low energy consumption. The related batching system includes batching, weighing and conveying system of aggregate, cement, water and additives, they should ensure the accurate measurement and effective conveying of various raw materials, and also consider the measures of dust-proof, water-proof and frost-proof to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Sand and stone quarry: the area of sand and stone quarry should be large enough to meet the needs of the project dosage, and it should also be convenient for feeding and replenishment of materials. Various materials should be stacked separately to prevent mixing caused by wrong proportioning. The site should be equipped with enough loaders, sand and gravel materials should be stacked neatly. The site should be firm and hard to facilitate loading and prevent mud and other debris from entering the materials. The arrangement of sand and gravel quarry should be reasonably planned according to the topography, traffic, water source and other conditions of the project, so as to minimize the transportation distance and time of the materials and reduce the transportation cost and loss.

Concrete Batching Plant Configuration

Water pool, cement silo and other auxiliary facilities: a concrete mixing plant should be equipped with 1 to 2 water pools to ensure the daily production and cleaning requirements of the concrete mixing plant. The size and number of pools should be selected according to the amount of concrete and water quality. The pools should be kept clean and the water source should be changed regularly to prevent the water quality from changing and affecting the quality of concrete. The pools should be equipped with pumps and water meters to control water supply and metering. A production line should be equipped with at least two adaptable cement silos to store cement, preferably three. The cement silos should be rotated in time to meet the needs of concrete production without backlog of cement.

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The capacity and quantity of cement silos should be selected according to the amount and supply of cement. The cement silos should be equipped with dust collector, pressure release valve and level meter. Fly ash and admixtures are required in some cases and should be properly placed for use. The storage and transportation system of fly ash and admixture should be similar to that of cement, and should also be equipped with dust collector, pressure release valve, level meter and other equipments to ensure the quality and safety of fly ash and admixture. The dosage and type of fly ash and admixture should be selected according to the proportion and performance of concrete. Fly ash and admixture should be stored and conveyed separately from cement to prevent confusion and pollution.

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