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Cement Silo Of Concrete Batching Plants

2023-11-23 14:57

In the modern construction industry, concrete batching plants play a crucial role. Among these batching stations, cement silos play an indispensable role. As a professional manufacturer of cement silos, ZOOMJO Group provides high-quality cement silos all over the world to meet the material storage needs on various construction sites.

Cement silo structure

Cement silo is a kind of container specialized for storing bulk cement. On construction sites, cement silos work together with concrete mixing plants to ensure continuous production of concrete. At the same time, in addition to cement, these silos can also be used to store other aggregates such as lime, fly ash, sand and clinker.

Classification of cement silos from ZOOMJO Group

Welded cement silos: these have a capacity range from 20 to 100 tons and are exported directly as finished products after the welding is completed in the factory.

Bolted cement silos: these silos are bolted together after transportation to the destination. They have a larger capacity ranging from 100 tons to 2000 tons. Due to their bulky structure, they are designed to be bolted in order to facilitate transportation.

Cement silo details show

Features and advantages of ZOOMJO cement silo

1. Wide application: mainly used as cement storage tanks in concrete mixing plants, but also can be equipped with level indicator to monitor the level and quantity.

2. Efficient conveying: through screw conveyor, the materials can be quickly and accurately conveyed to the designated position.

3. Environmentally friendly design: It is equipped with filters to reduce air pollution and reflect its environmental performance. The dust removal device ensures the inner side of the silo is clean and meets the national emission standard.

Application of cement silo

4. Perfect sealing: ensures that the material will not leak out, and at the same time guarantees its high efficiency performance.

5. Modular design: simplifies the structure, ensures the capacity, and makes transportation and installation more convenient.

6. Safety guarantee: the gas protection device ensures the safety of the operators in the working process and provides a solid safety backing for the staff.

Numerous construction projects around the world have chosen ZOOMJO Group's cement silos. They not only play a great role in the production process of concrete, but also bring convenience and efficiency to the construction sites. From busy urban construction to huge infrastructures, ZOOMJO's cement silos have demonstrated their excellent performance and stability.

Cement silo shipment case

ZOOMJO Group's cement silos have won the trust of customers all over the world due to their high quality, reasonable cost and perfect service. Whether it's a large project or a small construction job, ZOOMJO has the right cement silo to meet your needs. Choosing ZOOMJO is choosing professionalism and trust. If you are interested in our cement silo for concrete mixing plant, please feel free to send a message to contact us.

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