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Cheap Mobile Concrete Mixer for Sale

2023-11-30 14:17

Concrete mixer is a kind of machinery used to produce high-quality concrete, which can mix raw materials such as cement, aggregate, water and admixture in a certain proportion to form concrete that meets the requirements of the project. Concrete mixer has a wide range of applications in construction, roads, bridges, water conservancy, electric power and other fields, and is an important equipment for modern construction.

Drum type concrete mixer for sale

Mobile concrete mixer is a kind of concrete mixer with mobile function, which can be transferred from one site to another according to the needs of the project to realize flexible production and transportation. Mobile concrete mixers mainly include diesel cement mixers, electric cement mixers and self-loading concrete mixers. The common feature of these mixers is that the mixing drum can be rotated to realize the mixing and discharging of concrete.

The mixing drums of mobile concrete mixers are generally conical or cylindrical in shape, with capacities ranging from 1 cubic meter to 5 cubic meters, which can be selected according to the user's needs.

Concrete Mixer Structure

ZOOMJO GROUP is a professional concrete mixer manufacturer, we have many years of production experience and technical strength, our high quality products, reasonable price, perfect service, trusted and praised by customers. Our mobile concrete mixer is our hot-selling model, which attracts customers with the features of easy operation, even drum mixing, movable transition and low investment. Our mobile concrete mixers are mainly available in the following types:

Diesel Cement Mixer

Diesel cement mixer is a kind of mobile concrete mixer powered by diesel engine, which is suitable for working in the area where there is a lack of electricity or unstable electricity. The advantages of diesel cement mixers are strong power, good mixing effect, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance.ZOOMJO GROUP sells diesel cement mixers mainly in the JZR series, which has a range of mixing drum capacity from 250 liters to 750 liters to satisfy different production needs.

Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

Electric Cement Mixers

An electric cement mixer is a mobile concrete mixer driven by an electric motor, which is suitable for use in areas where electricity is available or stable. The advantages of electric cement mixers are low noise, clean emissions, smooth operation, energy saving and environmental protection. The disadvantages of electric cement mixers are that they have limited power and need to be connected to a power source.ZOOMJO GROUP sells electric cement mixers in the JZM series, a range of mixing drums with a capacity from 350 liters to 750 liters, which can be used to meet different production needs.

Concrete Mixer Customer Case

Common concrete mixer specifications

Model Capacity(m3/h) Power(KW)
JS3000 Concrete Mixer 150-180 113
JS2000 Concrete Mixer 80-100 77
JS1500 Concrete Mixer 75-90 65.5
JS1000 Concrete Mixer 50 51
JS750 Concrete Mixer 30-35 39
JS500 Concrete Mixer 20-25 25
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixer 25-30 25
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer 20-25 22
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer 10-15 16

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

Self-loading concrete mixer is a kind of mobile concrete mixer which integrates loading, mixing, conveying and discharging, and it is more convenient than the general mobile concrete mixer because of its automatic loading function. The advantages of self-loading concrete mixer are simple operation, high productivity, good mixing quality, strong mobility, and suitable for various complex construction sites. The disadvantages of self-loading concrete mixers are higher price, higher maintenance cost, and the need for professional drivers and operators.ZOOMJO Group sells self-loading concrete mixers mainly in the ZC series, which has a mixing drum capacity ranging from 1.2 cubic meters to 6.5 cubic meters, and can satisfy different production needs.

self loading concrete mixer

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Specifications

Model ZC-1.2 ZC-1.8 ZC-2.6 ZC-3.5 ZC-4 ZC-5.5 ZC-6.5
Overall Dimensions (L x W× H) 7300×1800×3450 7300×2650×3750 7800×2680×4100 7830×2680×4170 7640×2870×4750 8450×3100×4580 8450×3050×4830
Wheelbase (mm) 2560 2600 2800 2900 2480 3350 2850
Curb Weight (kg) 4920 6000 7200 7800 9000 11200 12520
Tyres   23.5/70-16 1670-20 1670-20 1670-20 12R-22.5 12R-22.5
Drive Form Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter Torque converter
Maximum Speed (km / h) 30 30 30 30 35 42 40
Maximum Gradeability 30° 30° 30° 30° 45° 45° 45°
Minimum Turning Radius (mm) 4700 5270 5300 5300 4800 6200 4800
Rotation   270° 270° 270° 290° 270° 290°
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 280 280 380 380 330 380 350
ModelDiesel Engine Yunnei 490 Turbo-charged Yunnei 490 Turbo-charged Yuchai 4102Turbo-charged Yuchai 4105Turbo-charged Yuchai 4108Turbo-charged Yuchai 6105 Turbo-charged Yuchai 6105 Turbo-charged
Rated Power 55kw 78kw 75kw 85kw 91kw 92kw 92kw
Model(Gearbox) ZL-265Power Shift Gearbox ZL-265Power Shift Gearbox ZL-280Power Shift Gearbox ZL-280Power Shift Gearbox ZL-315 Power Shift Gearbox ZL-428 Power Shift Gearbox ZL-428 Power Shift Gearbox
Gearshift 2 Forward + 2Back 2 Forward +2 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back 4 Forward +4 Back
Fuel Tank 63liters 63liters 75liters 120liters 230liters 180 liters 370 liters
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 63liters 63liters 75liters 120liters 170 liters 180 liters 278 liters
oil 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters 16 liters
Reducer KY07-2-0 HJ80-43 HJ80-43 HJ80-43 KY07-5-J HJ80-43 HJ80-43
Pump Dual Gear Pump:50/32 Dual Gear Pump:50/32 Dual Gear Pump:80/40 Dual Gear Pump:80/40 Double gear 80/40Rexroh Plunger pump Interpump90Plunger pump Interpump90Plunger pump
Hydraulic Motor Cycloid125 Cycloid125 Interpump56Plunger motor Interpump56Plunger motor 56Interpump56 /Rexroh 56 Interpump56Plunger motor Interpump90Plunger motor
Tank Volume 400L 400L 500L 620L 780L 840L 1465L
Drum Geometrical Capacity 1700L 2680L 3580L 4740L 6000L 7800L 9000L
Drum Rotation Speed Drum Rotation Speed 13rpm Drum Rotation Speed 13rpm Drum Rotation Speed 13-20 rpm Drum Rotation Speed 18-21 rpm Drum Rotation Speed 18-21 rpm 20rpm 16.5 rpm
Concrete yield 1.2m³ / Batch 1.8m³ / Batch 2.6m³ / Batch 3.5m³ / Batch 4.0m³ / Batch 5.5m³ / Batch 6.5m³ / Batch

If you are interested in our mobile concrete mixer or want to know more details, please feel free to contact us, ZOOMJO's mobile concrete mixer will be your right hand.

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