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Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Common Problems & Repair Methods

2023-05-12 11:07

Self-loading concrete mixer truck is a kind of common construction machinery, but some common problems will occur in the process of use. In this article, we will introduce three common problems and repair methods of self-loading mixer truck to help users better use and maintain the equipment.

Powerless walking or high oil temperature

If the self-loading mixer truck cannot travel or the oil temperature is too high, you need to check whether the clutch piston is not sealed tightly or the oil pressure is not enough. However, it is difficult to check the seal of the assembled drive assembly without power. At this time, the air pressure valve can be used for testing. The specific method is to remove the transmission control valve of the self-feeding mixer (the assembled transmission should be installed before the control valve), and supply 0.6 to 0.8 MPa to the transmission oil holes in turn. if a hole is filled with gas, there is a "bang" sound, no or very small air leakage, it means that the corresponding clutch piston and cylinder The seal between the piston and the cylinder is good. If you can't hear the action of the piston pressing on the friction plate, and the sound of gas leakage is very loud, it means that the seal between the clutch piston and the cylinder fails, and the seal should be replaced.

Self-loading mixer maintenance advice

Fixed shaft of self-loading mixer truck

It may be related to the position of the inlet pipe and the flushing water of the mixer. If the flushing point location and flushing direction is not correct, or the flushing pressure is too low, the water enters the host and cannot flush away the concrete temporarily bonded to the shaft, which is easy to form the shaft after a long time. In addition, there may be problems with the direction of raw material feed. If the raw material cement is wrapped by sand and gravel and clumped with water, it is easy to stick to the mixing shaft if the mixing is not sufficient. If the direction of the cement inlet is not reasonable, the mixing shaft will not be able to mix quickly and adequately, and it is easy to form the phenomenon of holding the shaft. Not cleaning the mixer interior in time after work, or not clean, will also cause residual concrete on the surface of the mixing shaft, which will solidify on the mixing shaft after drying.

Reasons for tripping of self-loading mixer

Tripping may occur because of too much feeding, resulting in too much load on the mixer and too loose v-belt, which makes the power of the transmission system low. The safety detection switch on the upper cover of the main mixing machine is loose due to vibration, which causes the machine to stop. The gap between the blades and the liner of the mixing system is too large, and the resistance increases during the mixing process, which also leads to the tripping of the self-loading mixer.

For the problem of excessive feeding leading to excessive load on the mixer, it can be solved by controlling the feeding amount or increasing the mixing time. If the power of the drive system is low due to the loose v-belt, you need to adjust the tightness of the v-belt or replace the worn v-belt in time. Check whether the safety detection switches on the upper cover of the mixing host are firm, and need to tighten them if necessary. For the case that the gap between the blade and liner of the mixing system is too large, the damaged blade and liner need to be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the mixing system.

In addition to the common problems and repair methods listed above, the self-loading mixer truck also needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. For example, oil, gas and water filters need to be checked and replaced, radiator needs to be cleaned and replaced, oil seals of the transmission system and hydraulic system need to be checked and replaced, and components such as brakes and drive shafts need to be checked and replaced.

Self-loading mixer truck is an indispensable tool in construction, but due to frequent use and complex working environment, it is prone to various problems and failures. Timely detection and problem solving, regular maintenance and servicing can ensure the safe operation and efficient work of the self-loading mixer truck.

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