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How to Operate the Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

2023-05-08 16:27

Self-loading concrete mixer is a kind of construction vehicle that integrates self-loading, mixing and transportation, and its operation is easier and more flexible than the traditional concrete mixer. Before operating a self-loading concrete mixer, you need to make sure that all working systems are working properly and the surrounding environment is safe and free of hidden dangers. The driver needs to wear clean work clothes, enter the cab properly, adjust the seat position and start the concrete mixer. The cab is equipped with air conditioning and an ergonomic joystick for the driver to operate flexibly.

After the water tank is filled with water, the driver controls the bucket with the joystick and pours half a bucket of sand and then pours the cement into the bucket. Then use the fluidity of the sand to bring the cement into the drum, and then load it into the electronic weighing system of the aggregate, which can accurately control the proportion of ingredients. After the aggregate and sand-cement enter the mixing drum, they are automatically pressurized and mixed with water through the water tank to make them more evenly mixed.

Self-loading concrete mixers Details

When the concrete is finished mixing, the driver needs to drive the self-loading concrete mixer to the construction site. The self-loading concrete mixer has anti-tip and anti-reverse function, which is suitable for operation in any site and provides safe and reliable protection for the driver. It is equipped with four-wheel steering drive system, which enables the self-loading concrete mixer to drive in harsh construction environment and complex roads. In the mixing state, make sure the sand and gravel do not settle to ensure the quality of concrete.

During the pouring process, concrete can be dumped at a height of 120cm to 160cm around the vehicle by using the operating lever to rotate the mixing drum through 270 degrees. During the pouring process, the concrete mixer can move back and forth according to the actual situation. After finishing, use the automatic rinsing function of the concrete mixer to rinse the mixing drum thoroughly. Make sure there is no residue in the drum. Regularly use the automatic lubrication function for routine maintenance of the self-loading concrete mixer.

The ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixer is dedicated to providing the best solution for mixing and concrete placement, making concrete mixing and transportation easier and more efficient. Self-loading concrete mixers are relatively easy to operate, but they still need to follow certain operating rules to ensure that the work is done safely and efficiently.

ZOOMJO's mixer truck adopts advanced design and manufacturing process, which provides excellent mixing performance, high efficiency and reliability. The company also provides perfect after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers get the best experience and cost performance. ZOOMJO has won wide acclaim and good reputation both in the domestic and overseas markets.

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