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Notes On The Operation Of Concrete Trailer Pump

2023-04-27 15:00

Concrete trailer pump is one of the commonly used equipment in construction projects, which can pump concrete to high or distant construction sites. However, if the operation and maintenance are not carried out according to the operation procedures, the concrete trailer pump is prone to malfunction and affect the construction progress. Therefore, before using the concrete trailer pump, a series of inspection and operation precautions are needed to ensure that the equipment works properly.

Operation precautions

1. Before starting the machine, a routine inspection is required, which mainly includes checking the liquid level, water tank, wear and tear of wearing parts, the amount of lubricating oil and whether the pipeline is blocked. In the case of electric pump, it is also necessary to check whether the external voltage is normal, whether the wiring is in phase sequence, whether the phase sequence is correct and other issues. When checking the amount of lubricating oil, you need to pay attention to whether the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient, otherwise it will lead to abnormal wear and mixing of damaged parts at the big end of the equipment.

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps

2. Before pumping concrete, a certain amount of mortar needs to be pumped to lubricate the pump pipe. At the same time, according to the increase of the length of the connected pump pipe, the amount of mortar provided needs to be increased accordingly to prevent the end pump pipe from not being lubricated properly. Before pumping concrete, concrete should also be put into the hopper to prevent concrete from being sucked in by the concrete cylinder and causing the phenomenon of pipe blockage. In the pumping process, if the concrete blockage time should not be too long, it is best to mix the concrete once in half an hour. If the concrete trailer pump is used in summer, the maximum interval time should not exceed 1 hour.

How to deal with blocked pipe

When the pipe is blocked, the first thing is to quickly find the location of the blocked pipe and unblock the pipe. After completing these tasks, you also need to find out the causes of the blocked pipe, such as concrete segregation, large concrete aggregate particle size and pump pipe leakage, equipment failure resulting in insufficient pumping pressure, poor piston seal and cobalt cutting ring seal, etc. Only by identifying the causes and solving them can we effectively avoid the recurrence of pipe clogging problems.

Concrete trailer pump is one of the essential equipment in construction projects, but to ensure its normal operation, regular routine inspection, precautions for operation, repair and maintenance are required. Only by operating and maintaining according to the regulations can we ensure the safety and construction quality of the concrete trailer pump and make the construction process more efficient and stable.

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