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Causes And Solutions Of Concrete Pump Clogging

2023-04-28 16:33

The key to avoiding clogged pipes when pumping concrete is to prevent air from entering the pipes and to keep them clear. Here are a few ways to use concrete pumps properly to avoid clogged pipes:

Concrete pump work site

1. Before pumping concrete, fill the hopper with water, pump the pump out, wet the pipes, and check the pipes for leaks. This will ensure that no air enters the pipe.

2. The discharge piping needs to be specially fixed to avoid the piping from moving during use and causing air to enter.

3. Make sure the finished concrete in the hopper is above the mixing shaft and glass plate to prevent air from entering.

4. Add lubricant daily and make sure that the automatic lubrication part of the line is not clogged.

5. Be sure to clean the concrete pump and piping with a cleaning ball at the end of each day's work to prevent residual concrete from remaining in the hopper and piping to ensure use the next day.

In addition, attention should be paid to the proper diameter and length of the piping to ensure that the pressure can be transferred smoothly. If the pipes are clogged, stop pumping concrete immediately and take appropriate cleaning measures.

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