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Selection & Purchase Guide Of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment

2023-06-02 15:44

To meet the needs of modern construction projects, mobile concrete mixing plants have become a very popular solution. This article will introduce the principle and construction of mobile concrete mixing plant and provide some guidelines on the selection and purchase of concrete mixing plant equipment.

The mobile concrete mixing plant adopts a convenient and flexible design that can be moved and deployed according to the needs of the construction site. It can be quickly installed and dismantled at different construction sites, with a small footprint and flexible layout. This mobility allows concrete to be supplied from site to site, greatly increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the project.

Portable Concrete Mixing Plant

The construction of mobile concrete mixing plant mainly consists of mixer, conveyor belt, metering system, storage tank and control system. The mixer is the core component of the whole system and is responsible for mixing cement, gravel, aggregate and water to form concrete. The conveyor belt is used to transport the raw materials from the storage tank to the mixer, while the metering system ensures the accurate proportioning of the raw materials to ensure the stable quality of the concrete. The control system is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the entire mixing process to ensure safe and accurate operation.

The batch capacity of a mobile concrete mixing plant depends on the type and specification of the plant. Different mixing plants have different ranges of production capacity and the appropriate model can be selected according to the project requirements.

Generally speaking, the batch capacity of a mobile concrete mixing plant can range from 10 cubic meters per hour to 100 cubic meters per hour. Smaller models of mobile mixing plants are suitable for small-scale construction projects, such as residential construction, road rehabilitation, etc., and their production capacity generally ranges from 10 to 30 cubic meters.

For medium-sized projects, such as commercial construction, road construction, etc., mobile concrete mixing plants with higher production capacity are generally chosen. These plants usually have a production capacity between 30 and 60 cubic meters, which can meet the concrete needs of medium-sized projects.

For large infrastructure projects, such as bridges, tunnels, water conservancy projects, etc., higher concrete production capacity is required. In this case, choosing a high capacity mobile mixing plant with more than 60 cubic meters per hour is a common choice.

Choosing and purchasing the right equipment is crucial for the smooth running of the project. While considering the quotation and price, it is important to consider the quality, performance, convenience and after-sales service of the equipment.

Foundationless concrete mixing plant

There are several key factors to consider when selecting and purchasing a mobile concrete mixing plant.

1. Production capacity, i.e. the amount of concrete produced per hour. This depends on the size and demand of the project, and it is very important to choose the right production capacity according to the actual situation.

2. The quality and stability of the equipment. Quality equipment can ensure the quality and efficiency of concrete, and reduce the frequency of breakdowns and repairs.

3. the ease of transportation and installation of the equipment, as well as after-sales service and maintenance support need to be considered.

It is important to note that production capacity is not the only factor to consider, but also the construction cycle, supply demand and space constraints of the site. Therefore, when choosing a mobile concrete mixing plant, you should consider all these factors and select the model and specifications that best suit the project needs.

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