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How a Self Loading Concrete Mixer Works?

2024-03-28 11:50

Concrete is an indispensable core material in modern construction projects. In order to ensure the high quality and efficient delivery of concrete, self-loading concrete mixers have been developed. This innovative equipment combines mixing and transportation in one, greatly simplifying the concrete handling process, with high efficiency and low cost, bringing unprecedented convenience to the construction site.

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Self-loading concrete mixer working principle

The self loading concrete mixer combines the functions of a traditional concrete mixer and a concrete truck in one unit.

Loading raw materials: through the front loading hopper or bucket device, the raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel, aggregate, etc. are loaded into the mixing drum.

Stirring and mixing: the mixing drum starts to rotate under the drive of the engine, mixing and mixing the raw materials to form a homogeneous concrete slurry.

Adding water: Through the water tank and pump system, the operator can precisely control the amount of water added to adjust the viscosity of the concrete slurry.

Continuous Mixing: The mixing drum rotates continuously to ensure that the mixture is uniform and meets the required concrete quality standards.

Discharge and Transportation: Once the concrete is ready, the operator can open the telescopic discharge hopper at the front of the machine to precisely discharge the concrete to the target pouring location.

Integral self-loading and self-unloading: The unique integrated design of the self loading mixer eliminates the need to rely on other loading equipment and transportation vehicles, and allows the mixer to complete the entire process from loading the raw materials to pouring the concrete independently.

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Advantages of self-loading concrete mixer

High Efficiency: The integration of loading, mixing and transportation into one highly integrated workflow dramatically reduces concrete production and transportation time.

Cost saving: no additional loaders and transportation trucks are required, which reduces the investment in equipment and manpower and is highly economical.

Quality control: The mixing process can be fully controlled by the operator, ensuring that the quality of the concrete meets standard requirements.

Versatility: Self-erecting mixers can be used efficiently for large and small projects, from road construction to infrastructure repairs.

Mobility: Heavy-duty all-terrain wheels allow these mixers to maneuver even in harsh environments.

Self-loading concrete mixer is a multi-functional equipment integrating loading, mixing and transporting concrete, which consists of chassis, mixing drum, loading system, engine, hydraulic system, water tank and pump, control panel, cab, tires and discharge chute.

With its high efficiency and flexibility, self loading concrete mixer is widely used in road construction, building construction, infrastructure construction and remote construction sites.

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