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What Is The Difference Between Mobile Mixing Plant and Stationary Mixing Plant?

2023-05-26 17:49

Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant

Stationary mixing plants usually have a compact structure to ensure reliable performance of the equipment. They usually adopt computer control system to make the operation more convenient. In addition, stationary mixing plants are equipped with forced mixers to improve efficiency. The mixing process takes place in an enclosed space to ensure the environmental friendliness of the plant. In addition, stationary mixing plants usually provide belt and hopper feeding systems to meet different needs.

Stationary concrete mixing plant price

Mobile Mixing Plant

Mobile mixing plants have some unique features and advantages. Mobile mixing plants are compact and reliable, and they have a special structural design that allows easy disassembly and assembly. Mobile mixing plants are usually equipped with belt drive system for efficient conveying. They are also equipped with forced mixers to ensure an efficient mixing process. Like stationary mixing plants, mobile mixing plants also use a computerized control system to provide easy operation.

The main advantage of mobile concrete mixing plants is that they can batch mix concrete at different sites according to the demand. They can batch directly into concrete pumps, dump trucks or ready-mix trucks, avoiding waste and producing only the required concrete. Mobile batching plants are not dependent on ready-mix trucks, so they can produce as soon as needed. Once the job is completed, the mobile mixing plant can be moved to the next site, allowing for flexible plant relocation.

Mobile Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Mobile concrete batching plants offer an economical and flexible solution that is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized investments. They can be used in multiple projects without the need for expensive installations. Mobile mixing plants can perform all the functions of a stationary plant, with all equipment concentrated on a single chassis. This design makes it suitable for projects that require frequent job site changes. The mobile mixing plant is easy to disassemble and move to a new site and the installation process is simple.

Since all the components of the mobile mixing plant are mobile and do not require a reinforced concrete foundation, including a cement silo, they are easy to install on a new job site. Simply tow it to the new site with one vehicle, place it in the correct position and connect the cables and it is ready for use. Typically, the installation of a mobile mixing plant can be completed within 3 days. This makes mobile mixing plants ideal for temporary construction sites or construction projects where the equipment is only used for a specific and short-term phase of the project. Mobile concrete plants have easy installation and dismantling features.

Our wide range of mobile concrete mixing plants ranges from 25 to 240 cubic meters per hour. Mobile mixing plants are the most popular models of concrete mixing plants produced by our company. They offer economical and flexible solutions for small and medium-sized investments. Our mobile mixing plants are suitable for temporary installations, special projects or permanent facilities. Whether you need flexibility or reliability, a mobile mixing plant is an ideal choice.

ZOOMJO is a professional concrete equipment supplier dedicated to providing customers with a wide range of concrete mixing plants to meet their needs in the construction and engineering sector. Whether the customer needs a stationary, mobile or foundationless concrete mixing plant, we can provide the right solution.

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