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Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

2023-10-04 14:48

In modern construction projects, concrete is an essential building material. In order to mix and pour concrete efficiently and conveniently, diesel concrete mixer with pump comes into being and becomes the right hand of the construction site.

The diesel concrete mixer with pump has an ingenious design that integrates the mixing and pouring functions of concrete. It adopts diesel engine and does not rely on external power supply, which can be widely used in all kinds of construction sites. The diesel concrete mixer with pump greatly reduces labor intensity and saves costs, and can mix and pour concrete smoothly even under harsh construction conditions such as hills, rivers and tunnels.

Application of Concrete Mixer Pump

ZOOMJO's diesel concrete mixers with pumps have been successfully sold in many countries due to their excellent mixing and pumping performance, low energy consumption, wide range of applicability and easy installation and delivery.

Working principle of the diesel concrete mixer with pump

The working principle of diesel concrete mixer with pump is very simple. Firstly, various raw materials are fed into the mixing cylinder by loader to mix, and then evenly mixed in forward rotation. The mixed concrete is discharged into the pump tank through the mixing drum in reverse rotation. After that, the concrete is transported to the construction site through pipes under pressure. After use, the mixing drum, pump tank and pipeline need to be cleaned in a timely manner to avoid concrete solidification affecting subsequent operations.

Structure of concrete mixer pump

Advantages of ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer with pump

ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer with pump has a number of advantages: it adopts the world's advanced technology, high quality and low failure rate; intelligent operation reduces labor intensity; it is equipped with high-quality S-type pipeline distribution valve, which can automatically compensate for wear and tear; long cylinder stroke prolongs its service life; and it has a powerful anti-pumping function, which prevents the pipeline from being clogged and ensures the work to be smooth and continuous.

The main specification parameters of ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer with pump are as follows:

Model ZBJ30C-9-66 ZBJ40C-10-82
Max. concrete output (m3/h) 30/23 40
Concrete pumping pressure (MPa) 9 10
Outlet diameter(mm) 100 150
Electrical engineering power(KW) 66 82
Pumping system pressure(MPa) 28 32
Mixing system pressure(MPa) 10 10
Max mixing speed(r/min) 20 20
Capacity of oil tank(L) 350 350
Discharging capacity of mixer(m³) 0.45 0.45
Mixer productivity(m³/h) 10-14 10-14
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(m) 120/400 150/600
Max. aggregate diameter(mm) 20 Scree:40
lnside diameter of delivering pipe(mm) 100 125
Dimensions:(L*W*H)(mm) 4500x2200x2600 4500x2200x2600
Total weight(kg) 4800 5200

ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer with pump typical application cases

In May this year, ZOOMJO's ZBJ40C diesel concrete mixer with pump was successfully delivered to a Nigerian customer. This mixer pump is widely popular, with high pumping pressure and high working efficiency, especially suitable for construction sites with insufficient electricity. The customer feedback said that this concrete mixer with pump works stably and reliably, which is a necessary equipment for the harsh construction conditions.

Concrete Mixer Pump Export to NigeriaConcrete Mixer Pump Export to Africa

ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer with pump price

The price of ZOOMJO diesel concrete mixer with pump is very reasonable and competitive. Our products have been successfully exported to Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, etc. ZOOMJO provides one year warranty service, installation and commissioning support, free training, spare parts supply and professional after-sales service to make sure customers have no worries.

China Concrete Mixer Pump - Manufacturers / Suppliers

At present, ZOOMJO's concrete mixing equipment has been exported to more than 100 countries all over the world, and plays an important role in many engineering projects.ZOOMJO's products and services have won the trust of customers, and the repurchase rate is also very high.

If you are interested in concrete mixing and pouring equipment, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours!

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