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What Are The Mixers Often Used In Concrete Mixing Plants?

2023-05-31 10:17

Concrete mixing plant is an indispensable equipment in the construction project, which plays an important role in the concrete production process. And in the whole concrete mixing plant, the mixer can be said to be its heart. Different types of mixers have their own characteristics and advantages, and the common ones are drum type, disc type, planetary type, single-shaft type and twin-shaft type.

In North America, drum mixers are the dominant type, while in Europe and other regions, twin-shaft mixers are more common. Twin-shaft mixers ensure uniform mixing of concrete by using high-horsepower motors, while drum mixers provide a relatively large amount of concrete to mix. In addition, pan and planetary mixers are more common in mixing plants.

In addition to mixers, concrete mixing plants also include components such as aggregate bins and cement silos. Aggregate batchers (aggregate bins), on the other hand, are used to store and batch aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed stone. There are also many types of aggregate batchers, but most of them measure aggregates by weighing them. Some use weighing hoppers, while others use weighing belts. Cement silos are also indispensable equipment in concrete production, mainly used for storing bulk cement, fly ash, mineral powder, etc. Cement silos are generally divided into three types: bolted cement silos, horizontal cement silos and one-piece cement silos, each type has its applicable scenarios and characteristics.

Screw conveyor is the machine that conveys materials from cement silo to powder weighing hopper, and it also plays an important role in concrete mixing plant.

To ensure the normal operation of concrete mixing plant, control systems are widely used in it. The computer-aided control system is able to measure and monitor the proportioning of concrete raw materials quickly and accurately. Since the performance of concrete depends heavily on the accurate measurement of water, the system usually uses digital scales to measure the weight of the cementitious materials and aggregates and a moisture probe to measure the moisture content of the aggregates as they enter the aggregate batcher to automatically adjust the water/cement ratio target in the concrete design and ensure consistent concrete quality.

Diesel & Electric Concrete Mixers

The concrete mixing plant has a compact structure and reliable performance with computer control and easy operation. The forced mixer makes the concrete mixing plant highly efficient, while the closed space operation of the mixing plant meets environmental requirements. In addition, belt type and hopper can be selected as needed to meet different project requirements.

ZOOMJO is a specialized supplier of concrete mixing plants in many styles. Our product line includes belt type concrete mixing plants, hopper type concrete mixing plants, small, medium and large concrete mixing plants, portable mobile concrete mixing plants and stationary concrete mixing plants without foundation. 

Whether for large projects or small ones, stationary or mobile, ZOOMJO offers concrete mixing plants with high quality, reliability and efficient performance.

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