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The Differences Of Commercial & Engineering Concrete Batching Plants

2023-11-29 11:49

Concrete mixing plant is a kind of equipment used to produce concrete, which can mix raw materials such as cement, aggregate, water and admixture in a certain proportion to form concrete that meets the requirements of the project. Concrete mixing plant has a wide range of applications in the fields of construction, roads, bridges, water conservancy, electric power and so on, and is an important equipment for modern construction.

Many types of concrete mixing plant

According to the different nature of the project, the concrete mixing plant can be divided into commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant, which have different characteristics and advantages and are suitable for different engineering needs. So what is the difference between them? As a famous concrete equipment manufacturer, ZOOMJO Group will analyze their basic differences for you and help customers find the right equipment for their projects.

- Commercial concrete mixing plant: Commercial concrete mixing plant is a kind of equipment specialized in producing high-quality concrete, which can flexibly adjust the proportion, output and quality of concrete according to the needs of users. Commercial concrete mixing plant is especially suitable for larger-scale construction projects, which can provide sufficient and high-quality concrete mixtures to meet the demand of artificial sales. The main features of commercial concrete mixing plant are:

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

- High-precision metering system: commercial concrete mixing plant can realize accurate metering of all kinds of raw materials, so that all kinds of admixtures can be effectively utilized, thus ensuring the quality of final concrete products and production efficiency. Commercial concrete mixing plant adopts advanced technology such as electronic scale, microcomputer control and digital display, which can realize independent or cumulative measurement of cement, aggregate, water and additives, and meanwhile, it has the function of automatic compensation and calibration to ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement.

- High-efficiency mixing system: Commercial concrete mixing plant adopts twin-shaft forced mixer, which can improve the uniformity and strength of concrete, and at the same time reduce the amount of cement. The mixing speed of the twin-shaft forced mixer is fast, the mixing time is short, the concrete is discharged quickly, and the production efficiency is high. The discharge port of the twin-shaft forced mixer is set with a hydraulic switch, which can easily control the amount and speed of discharge. The mixing blades and liners of twin-shaft forced mixer are made of wear-resistant materials, which have long service life and low maintenance cost.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

- High environmental protection structural design: the commercial concrete mixing plant adopts closed structure, which effectively prevents the pollution of dust and noise. All powdery materials are batching, weighing and feeding under closed condition, which can provide a clean working environment for workers. The dust pipes of the mixer cover, cement metering silo and fly ash metering tank are connected with dust collector, and dust-proof boards are set up during aggregate filling to reduce dust emission. The use of fully enclosed main mixing building and belt conveyor structure greatly reduces dust and voice pollution. The commercial concrete mixing plant is also equipped with pump cleaning and manual cleaning device, which can clean the mixer and conveying system in time to keep the equipment clean and normal operation.

- Engineering concrete mixing plant: engineering concrete mixing plant is a kind of equipment used to produce concrete for engineering, which can produce concrete that meets the quality requirements according to the specific requirements of the project and in accordance with certain standards and specifications. Engineering concrete mixing plant is usually relatively low investment, full-featured, good performance, often favored by small investors. The main features of engineered concrete mixing plant are:

Concrete Batching Plant Customer Case

- Flexible Configuration and Layout: Engineering concrete mixing plant can flexibly choose different configurations and layouts to suit different sites and environments according to the actual situation of the project. The engineered concrete mixing plant can be single or multi-machine combination, horizontal or vertical, fixed or mobile, centralized or decentralized, and can be customized and optimized according to the user's needs.

- Simple operation and maintenance: the operation and maintenance of engineering concrete mixing plant are relatively simple, it doesn't need too much professional knowledge and skills, just need to follow the instructions and operating procedures, you can successfully complete the production and management. All parts of the engineered concrete mixing plant adopt standardized and modular design, which is convenient for installation and disassembly, inspection and replacement, transportation and storage.

Customers Visit Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

- Economical cost and benefit: The cost of engineered concrete mixing plant is lower, the payback period is shorter and the benefit is higher. With lower raw material and energy consumption, higher production efficiency and better product quality, engineered concrete mixing plant can save a lot of labor, material and financial resources for users and improve the return on investment. The engineered concrete mixing plant can also flexibly adjust the production scale according to the actual needs, avoiding the waste and idleness of resources.

Commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant have their own characteristics and advantages, which are applicable to different engineering needs. For small-scale projects, engineering concrete plant is also a good choice. If users are planning large-scale construction projects, it is also wise to choose commercial concrete plant to help the work.

Concrete Batching Plant Suppliers

ZOOMJO has a variety of types and specifications of concrete mixing plants, including stationary, mobile and foundationless, which can meet different customers' needs and occasions. If you want to know more about our concrete mixing plant, or have any needs or inquiries, you are welcome to contact us anytime. We will provide you with the most professional technical support and the most favorable price, so that you can buy and use with confidence and comfort.

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