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Electric Concrete Mixer For Sale / Cement Mortar Mixer

2023-11-13 10:54

Electric concrete mixer is an indispensable equipment in construction projects, which can mix concrete materials quickly and evenly. As a leading company in the concrete mixer industry, ZOOMJO offers a wide range of electric concrete mixer models, which are widely popular among customers.

Electric Concrete Mixer with Hopper

An electric concrete mixer is an electric motor-driven concrete mixer used for mixing sand and pebble aggregates, water and cement and making them into concrete. Electric concrete mixer with hopper is a necessary tool in building construction, whether it is a dam, bridge, high-rise building project, or underground project, ZOOMJO electric concrete mixer can handle it easily. Its simple operation, high mixing quality and high productivity are well received by the industry.

Hot Selling ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Mixer Types

ZOOMJO hydraulic electric concrete mixers are manufactured with high quality materials and name brand spare parts to ensure reliable performance and long life. We offer a wide range of concrete mixers in small, medium and large sizes, such as twin-shaft forced mixers, single-shaft drum mixers, etc., which can meet different construction needs. For example, JS series twin-shaft forced mixing electric mixer, with high mixing efficiency and large capacity, is the ideal choice for fixed and mobile concrete mixing and batching plant.

JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Customer Case

JS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

JS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer has high working efficiency and large capacity; most importantly, it has strong mixing ability. It also has good wear resistance; reasonable structural design; and can effectively prevent leakage.JS series concrete mixer is commonly used concrete mixing equipment in many countries.JS series twin shaft concrete mixer can be used in all kinds of large-scale construction projects, including roads, bridges, houses, industrial buildings, and civil projects, etc., and also used in small and medium-sized projects for concrete batching production. If you need this kind of products, our sales staff can provide you with detailed consultation.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Concrete Batching Plant

Popular types of small electric cement mixer

Small electric concrete mixer mainly refers to JZM small electric drum mixer. It can mix plastic and semi-dry hard concrete. It is a self-falling concrete mixer with forward mixing and reverse discharging. It has the advantages of reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, stable operation, simple operation, good mixing quality and high productivity. They are suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower projects and small and medium-sized concrete component factories. They are usually used in construction sites that require a small amount of concrete, such as building construction in rural areas.

Hydraulic Motorized Drum Concrete Mixer

As a famous electric concrete mixer manufacturer and exporter in China, ZOOMJO is committed to providing customers with high quality and low price concrete mixer. We offer various types of electric mixers to meet customers' needs well, and we can also customize electric mixers according to customers' requirements. Our electric concrete mixers have been exported to Oman, Mauritius, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Singapore, USA, Nigeria, Iran and many other countries.

Advantages of Hydraulic Electric Concrete Mixer

Unlike concrete mixers using diesel engines, electric cement mixers basically take full advantage of electricity, electric concrete mixers have the following advantages:

1. Stable power and even mixing. Driven by electric motor, electric concrete mixer has stable power and even mixing, which can meet the needs of different projects.

2. Low energy consumption, environmental protection. Electric concrete mixer is driven by electric motor, low energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving. 

3. Simple operation and easy maintenance. Electric concrete mixer is simple to operate, easy to maintain, suitable for different users.

Structure of Motorized Drum Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer Parameters

Model Capacity(m3/h) Power(KW)
JS3000 Concrete Mixer 150-180 113
JS2000 Concrete Mixer 80-100 77
JS1500 Concrete Mixer 75-90 65.5
JS1000 Concrete Mixer 50 51
JS750 Concrete Mixer 30-35 39
JS500 Concrete Mixer 20-25 25
JZM750 Electric Concrete Mixer 25-30 25
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer 20-25 22
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer 10-15 16

How much does electric concrete mixer cost?

As a professional manufacturer and exporter of construction machinery, ZOOMJO has been committed to providing customers with construction equipment with good quality and low price.The price of ZOOMJO concrete mixer varies according to the model, capacity and configuration. We keep updating our products to improve their performance.ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Mixer is affordable and worth your choice.

Buying Tips for Electric Concrete Mixer

When buying electric concrete mixer, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. choose the right mixing drum capacity according to the needs of the project.

2. choose the right mixing drum structure according to the construction environment.

JS Series Horizontal Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

3. choose the right brand and model according to the budget.

4. Precautions for the use of electric concrete mixer

Electric Concrete Mixer Operation

When using electric concrete mixer, you should pay attention to the following points. 

1. operate according to the instruction manual to avoid safety accidents.

2. check the equipment regularly to ensure its normal operation.

3. After use, it should be cleaned to keep the equipment clean.

Concrete Mixer Details

ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Mixer After-sales Service

ZOOMJO provide customers with one year warranty, send engineers to help you install and debug if necessary, provide free training service for your operators, set up branch offices overseas to provide customers with faster and better service, spare parts stock to solve customer's worries, professional after-sales team to solve customer's worries.

If you have any purchase questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact ZOOMJO, we will do our best to meet your needs at the lowest cost.

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