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Concrete Drum Mixer for Sale with Factory Price

2023-11-17 16:51

In construction projects, concrete mixer is an indispensable equipment. Among them, drum concrete mixer plays an important role in all kinds of projects with its unique advantages.

Drum Concrete Mixer for Sale

Drum Concrete Mixer is an efficient and portable equipment for mixing mixtures of cement, sand, aggregate and water to produce a homogeneous concrete mixture. It mainly consists of mixing drum, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, driving mechanism, frame and supporting device. Its excellent maneuverability and working efficiency make it popular in various small-scale construction projects.

Concrete Mixer Types

Reasons for choosing concrete drum mixer

1. Compared with large stationary concrete mixers, drum concrete mixers have excellent mobility, which makes them ideal for use on small-scale construction sites.

2. Drum cement mixers are suitable for construction projects where the quality of concrete is not too demanding. For example, house building and road construction in rural areas.

3. Because of its relatively low original cost, it is an attractive option for investors who do not want to invest a lot of money in equipment.

Drum Concrete Mixer Structure

Advantages of ZOOMJO Concrete Drum Mixer

As a renowned concrete mixer manufacturer, ZOOMJO offers a wide range of drum mixers in various sizes to meet different project requirements. Its products have the following features and advantages:

1. ZOOMJO's mixers ensure uniform mixing of various ingredients to produce high quality concrete.

2. ZOOMJO's concrete mixers have the advantages of low energy consumption, low pollution and fast discharging, which meet the environmental protection requirements of modern engineering construction.

3. ZOOMJO's drum concrete mixer is simple to operate and easy to maintain, which can significantly reduce the cost and labor input of construction projects.

Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

Drum concrete mixer belongs to self-falling concrete mixer, which can mix plastic and semi-hard concrete. It is very different from the mixing method of forced concrete mixer. A drum concrete mixer mixes concrete through the rotation of the drum, whereas a forced mixer mixes all materials through the rotation of the mixing shaft and blades. As a result, the mixing effect of a forced concrete mixer is much stronger than that of a drum concrete mixer. Forced concrete mixers can mix higher quality concrete compared to drum concrete mixers. If your construction project requires high quality concrete, you should choose a forced concrete mixer over a drum concrete mixer.

If you don't know which mixer to choose, you can give us with contact us for more help. Generally speaking, our professional sales staff will carefully ask you in which projects you will use the mixer and recommend the right model.

Workshop for manufacturing concrete mixer

ZOOMJO concrete mixer manufacturer

Choosing ZOOMJO not only means choosing a high-quality product, but also getting a full range of professional services. The company provides customers with one-year product warranty and has set up branches overseas to ensure faster and better after-sales service. In addition, sufficient spare parts inventory and professional after-sales team will further solve customers' worries.

Drum concrete mixer plays an irreplaceable role in small construction projects. And ZOOMJO, as a well-known manufacturer in the industry, its products have outstanding performance in terms of quality, performance and service. Therefore, for investors and engineers who are looking for concrete mixers, ZOOMJO's drum concrete mixer is undoubtedly an option worth considering. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact ZOOMJO, and our professional team will provide you with satisfactory answers within 24 hours.

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