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Concrete Mixing Pump Conveying Pipeline Cleaning Maintenance & Repair

2023-05-04 16:39

Concrete mixing pumps are one of the essential pieces of equipment used in construction projects to transport concrete from one place to another. If not properly maintained and cleaned, the pipes are prone to problems such as clogging and leaking, leading to damage to the equipment and longer downtime. Therefore, concrete mixer pump delivery line maintenance is very important.

Correct configuration and use are essential to ensure the service life of the concrete mixing pump.ZOOMJO concrete mixing pump adopts double pumps for higher pressure and easier operation, and is equipped with wireless remote control equipment, which is convenient for long-distance operation and safe and efficient. The hydraulic cylinder adopts proximity switch, which can realize contactless reversing and ensure the reversing valve break reliably. The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system lower than 70℃, so that the machine is in normal condition. The operating position is restricted by proximity switch to ensure the valve swings back and forth and reverses direction.ZOOMJO strictly selects materials and constantly optimizes the design of each key part of the mixing pump, which is the key to ensure the long-term operation of the machine.

Concrete mixer with pump

For the cleaning of the concrete mixing pump delivery pipe, pay attention to the order of blowing and the order of clear water. Before blowing the pipe, the check plate should be closed to prevent concrete backflow in the vertical or inclined pipe. Then, release some concrete from the first straight pipe, connect the air purge fitting and stuff a sponge ball filled with water, slowly open the compressed air inlet valve and discharge the sponge ball and concrete with compressed air. When cleaning the pipe, the compressed pressure should not exceed 0.8MPa, the air valve should not be opened at once, should be in the order of "open - close - open" action, carefully observed, until the smooth flow of concrete, to open completely. If you can not continue to blow, first close the air inlet valve, and then slowly open the air release valve, try to section cleaning. When carrying out air blowing, staff must not be close to the exhaust pipe, elbow and compressed air pipe joints.

When cleaning the discharge pipe, pay special attention to leaving as little concrete as possible after the pumping work has stopped, as this reduces the workload and time for cleaning. The pressure in the pipe must be relieved before back pumping work is performed to ensure safety. Next, clean the hopper, selector valve and pressure reducer to make sure they are free of concrete residue. Release some concrete from the first straight pipe and stuff it into a wet sponge ball or cement bag paper, which will effectively prevent concrete residue from being left in the pipe.

Be sure to close the discharge door before connecting the reducer. Pour fresh water into the hopper and pump it, which will help to clean the discharge pipe. It is important to note that when cleaning the discharge pipe, it must be done carefully to prevent any accidents.

Concrete mixer pump delivery line maintenance and cleaning is very important. Proper maintenance and cleaning can ensure the long-term operation and efficient work of concrete mixer pumps, and also avoid unnecessary losses and safety accidents.

ZOOMJO is a professional concrete mixer pump manufacturer, committed to providing high quality, high efficiency, safe and reliable concrete mixer pump products and services.

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