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ZOOMJO Electric Concrete Trailer Pumps for Phnom Penh Construction

2023-06-20 14:52

ZOOMJO's electric concrete trailer pump has been successfully shipped to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, for road construction and housing construction. This advanced concrete conveying equipment will provide an efficient and convenient solution for building sites and road construction in Phnom Penh.

Electric concrete pump

ZOOMJO towed concrete pump can convey concrete with aggregate particle size below 4cm, and its discharge capacity ranges from 24m³/h to 100m³/h. It can be used in a wide range of scenarios, not only for construction sites, but also for concrete placement in bridge projects, highway construction, tunnels, water conservancy projects and other large-scale projects. The pump has the advantages of high flexibility, easy operation, good mixing effect, safety and reliability, simple maintenance, etc.

The main advantages of ZOOMJO electric concrete trailer pump

1. High pumping efficiency: The actual pumping efficiency of ZOOMJO concrete trailer pump exceeds 80% of the theoretical value, ensuring an efficient construction process.

2. Economical: The price of the electric concrete trailer pump is more economical than the concrete boom pump, which can effectively reduce the cost of the construction project.

3. Easy to operate: The equipment is easy to operate and requires only certain operating skills.

4. Easy to maintain: The equipment does not require regular fuel replacement and only needs to be checked regularly to maintain normal operation.

Trailer-mounted electric concrete pump to Cambodia

ZOOMJO's trailer-mounted concrete trailer pumps have been a great success in many regions of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. The pump's high performance and wide range of applications make it the first choice for construction projects of all sizes.

Customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries have given positive feedback on ZOOMJO's concrete trailer pumps. These pumps help to increase construction efficiency and reduce costs for customers.

ZOOMJO's electric concrete trailer pumps are a powerful and efficient solution for construction in Phnom Penh. The pump offers a wide range of benefits, including high pumping efficiency, economical price, simple operation and easy maintenance. The pump has already achieved great success in many regions around the world, and it will certainly be an asset to Phnom Penh City's construction projects.

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