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ZOOMJO Explains The Whole Process From Production To Delivery Of Concrete Plants

2023-04-28 16:02

As a Chinese concrete equipment manufacturer, our equipment is highly sought after by overseas customers. However, customers still have many questions about the whole process from production to delivery. In this article, we will answer these questions in detail and introduce our process of producing and delivering equipment for our customers.

During the business communication session, our sales team conducts a detailed understanding and communication with the customer about their needs. We ask our customers about their specific requirements regarding equipment performance, specifications, quantities, and usage environment to gain insight into their needs and expectations.

Self-loading concrete mixing pump delivery

Based on the requirements understanding, our technical team will provide the best customized solutions for our customers. We customize equipment solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, including design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

During the process of developing customized solutions, we maintain close communication and cooperation with our customers to ensure that they have an in-depth understanding and approval of every detail and aspect of the solution. We provide detailed plans and reports, including production progress, quality inspection reports, etc., to ensure that our customers have a comprehensive understanding of the progress and results of the project.

After receiving the customer's order, we manufacture the equipment in our factory according to strict production standards. We pay attention to every detail to ensure the quality and stability of the equipment. We conduct multiple inspections and tests during the production process to ensure that the equipment meets the highest quality standards.

After the equipment is manufactured, we test all aspects of it to ensure that it is ready to be put into use directly after it arrives at the customer's site. We test every component of the equipment, including the hydraulic system, electrical system, mechanical system, etc. Only after passing all tests do we deliver the equipment to the customer.

Most of our concrete mixer pumps can be packed into standard containers for easy transportation. Before boxing, we will check the equipment carefully to make sure it is free from any problems. After boxing, we fix the equipment to prevent collision and damage during the transportation.

Finally, we deliver the container to the customer's port via sea transportation. After the container arrives at the customer's port, the customer can carry out customs clearance procedures and then pick up the goods from customs.

As a professional concrete equipment manufacturer, ZOOMJO is committed to providing the best quality equipment and services. We adopt the most advanced production process and strict quality management standards to ensure the quality and stability of our equipment.

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