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ZOOMJO Goes All Out To Produce Concrete Mixing Plants, The Large Number Of Orders Is Exciting!

2023-04-17 14:12

Since the end of March, ZOOMJJO has been sending concrete mixing plants of different sizes and models to customers all over the world. In March and April, we received orders from customers in different countries and regions, including HZS120 concrete mixing plant, 50/60 cubic meter mini concrete mixing plant and other equipment.

The large number of these orders made us feel excited. At the same time, we also felt a great sense of responsibility and mission to deliver these orders to our customers within the specified time. Therefore, our whole staff acted with urgency and worked overtime to produce, test, pack and transport each mixing plant to ensure they would reach our customers on time.

During this delivery season, we also made some innovative changes to better serve our customers. We have improved our packaging materials to ensure that the mixing plants are not damaged during long-distance transportation. We also created a more efficient logistics and shipping system to ensure that orders reach our customers within the required time frame.

Concrete equipment production plant

Thanks to all our efforts, many orders have already been sent and will be sent out soon. We are confident that these plants will provide excellent concrete mixing services for our customers' projects.

During this delivery season, our goal is to make sure that every customer is able to receive our mixing plants with satisfaction and have the best experience in using them. We are confident that with our persistent efforts and improvements, our company will achieve even greater success in the future.

ZOOMJO, as a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing plants, we have been committed to providing our customers with high quality equipment and professional services. We are well aware of our customers' needs and expectations, so we are constantly innovating and improving to meet the different needs of our customers.

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