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When to Use a Boom Pump Vs. Line Pump?

2024-03-05 11:41

Concrete pumps are indispensable equipment on modern construction sites, as they are capable of efficiently delivering liquid concrete to the place where it needs to be poured. Today, two main types of concrete pumps are available: boom pumps and pipe pumps. Which one you choose depends on the specific needs of the project.

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Boom Pumps

Boom pumps, also known as truck-mounted pumps, are mounted on a truck with an automatic mechanical arm. The advantages of this type of pump are:

✔️ High capacity and speed: boom pumps can pump more than 150 cubic meters of concrete per hour, making them suitable for large commercial projects.

✔️ High accuracy: the mechanical arm can deliver concrete exactly where it is needed, even in high or hard-to-reach places.

✔️ Adaptable: the boom can extend and rotate, enabling access to complex construction sites.

The concrete boom pump truck is suitable for large-scale projects that require large amounts of concrete, such as the construction of apartment buildings or other large facilities. It can pump more than 150 cubic meters of concrete per hour, enabling it to efficiently complete large commercial tasks and reach greater heights. In addition, concrete boom pump trucks are ideal when there are many obstacles to get around on the construction site.

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Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

Trailer-mounted concrete pumps, which also become pipe pumps, drag pumps or stationary pumps, consist of a long hose and a stationary pump mounted on a trailer. The advantages of this type of pump are:

✔️ Flexible: the hose can be extended in all directions for projects that require flexible pouring.

✔️ Mobility: the smaller size of the pipeline pump makes it easy to transport and navigate, making it suitable for narrow construction sites.

✔️ Lower cost: pipeline pumps are less expensive to acquire and maintain than boom pumps.

Concrete pipeline pumps are often used for smaller residential tasks such as building swimming pools or repaving driveways. Because of their flexibility and smaller capacity, pipeline pumps are more suitable in narrow or obstacle-ridden areas and are able to perform tasks that boom pumps cannot.

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How to choose concrete pump?

Overall, a concrete boom pump truck is the preferred choice if you are undertaking a large-scale or commercial project where you need to pump large quantities of concrete quickly. With the ability to pump more than 150 cubic meters of concrete per hour, boom pumps are able to efficiently complete large commercial tasks to greater heights, albeit at a relatively high cost.

Conversely, for smaller commercial or residential projects, pipeline pumps are usually more suitable. Pipeline pumps are more flexible in terms of concrete delivery location, more maneuverable and less costly. Although concrete delivery is not as fast as with boom pump trucks, it is usually sufficient for smaller projects.

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When choosing a concrete pump, depending on the size and characteristics of the project, the right type will be able to improve efficiency and ensure that construction progresses smoothly.

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