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What are the Features & Advantages of Drum type Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant?

2024-03-13 14:36

Drum mobile mixing plant equipment: features and advantages in detail

Drum mobile concrete mixing plant for sale

Drum mobile mixing plant is a kind of efficient concrete production equipment integrating batching, weighing, mixing, storing and discharging, which realizes convenient mobility by integrating the whole mixing plant system in a trailer unit. It is especially suitable for projects that require frequent transfers or restricted sites.

Equipped with a complete aggregate batching plant and belt conveyor system, the Drum Mobile Mixer is capable of accurately weighing and delivering sand and gravel aggregates proportionally to the pre-feed hopper, which is then fed into the drum mixer for mixing. On the mixing platform, the drum mixer is equipped with an advanced metering device, which can precisely control the addition of cement, water and auxiliary materials such as plasticizer, ensuring that the concrete is accurately prepared according to the set formula.

Mobile Batching Plant with Reversible Drum Mixer

Drum type mobile mixing plant has the following significant features and advantages:

✔️ Compact: All equipment is mounted in a trailer with a small footprint for easy transportation and installation.

✔️ Flexibility of movement: It can be moved flexibly according to the situation of the construction site, which reduces the construction cost and time.

✔️ Simple operation: adopting automatic control system, simple operation and easy maintenance.

✔️ Stable performance: Made of high quality materials and advanced technology, stable performance and high reliability.

✔️ High production efficiency: fast mixing speed, high production efficiency, can meet the demand of large quantity concrete production.

With these remarkable advantages, drum type mobile mixing plant is widely used in all kinds of construction projects, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, residential buildings and other projects, especially with unparalleled convenience.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

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