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ZOOMJO Delivers High-Performance Small Concrete Mixing Plant to Ghana

2024-01-09 11:20

ZOOMJO recently successfully delivered its small stationary concrete mixing plant to Ghana. With a small footprint, solid installation and high productivity, this mixing plant is particularly suitable for small to medium sized projects and offers a wide range of concrete types and sizes.

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The mixing plant is equipped with two cement silos, three aggregate silos, and a twin-shaft concrete mixer with a capacity of up to 50 m³, which can be customized according to customer needs and conditions. In addition, the mixing plant is equipped with advanced automation and intelligent systems for automatic or manual operation and monitoring, which facilitates the work of the operators. The mixing plant is also equipped with automatic cleaning system, pneumatic concrete unloading system and water-cement ratio control system, which can improve the quality and performance of concrete as well as save cost and time.

As a company with a 29-year history, ZOOMJO has always been committed to providing excellent customer service with the philosophy that product quality comes first. Once a customer places an order, the ZOOMJO team quickly begins production, installation and commissioning to ensure that the equipment has undergone a rigorous testing and inspection process before being shipped to Ghana. The Ghanaian customer was very satisfied with ZOOMJO's products and services after receiving the goods. They said that ZOOMJO's products are of very good quality and the after-sales service is very good.

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Over the years, ZOOMJO's products have been successfully sold to 105 countries and regions around the world, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and so on. The order from Ghana further confirms ZOOMJO's leading position in the field of concrete mixing plants and its excellent global service capability.

In addition to stationary concrete mixing plants, ZOOMJO also offers a wide range of products such as mobile concrete mixing plants, foundationless concrete mixing plants, concrete mixer pumps, concrete trailer pumps, and self-loading concrete mixers. These products are widely used in construction projects around the world and play an important role in improving construction efficiency and ensuring project quality.

If you have the need for concrete mixing equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to providing you with high quality services.

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