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ZOOMJO Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Shipped To Kazakhstan

2023-09-28 10:17

One of ZOOMJO's ZC3.5 self-loading mixer trucks has been successfully exported to Kazakhstan. This marks that ZOOMJO concrete machinery opens up the Kazakhstan market again.

self loading concrete mixer for sale

Multi-purpose self-loading concrete mixer

ZOOMJO ZC3.5A self-loading concrete mixer has the dual functions of concrete mixing and transportation, which can be applied to many kinds of construction sites, including pavement construction, municipal engineering, civil engineering, bridge construction, road construction, lake construction, canal construction, wind power piling construction and so on. It is powered by a diesel engine, which is not limited by electricity supply and can operate efficiently in various working environments.

Self-loading concrete mixer in Kazakhstan has a promising application, which can significantly improve the construction efficiency, reduce the working time and lower the cost.

Flexibility of self-loading concrete mixers

Self-loading concrete mixers offer greater flexibility than traditional concrete mixer trucks. Its concrete mixing drum can be rotated 180 degrees or 270 degrees, and it is equipped with a four-wheel steering system that allows it to be easily moved from site to site, making it particularly suitable for applications where concrete needs to be mixed and transported over short distances. As a result, ZOOMJO's self-loading mixers have become an ideal alternative to concrete mixer trucks and are very popular among customers.

Kazakhstan Customer Chooses ZOOMJO Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

At the beginning of September, a customer in Kazakhstan was in urgent need of a machine that could mix concrete on site and transport it. After a careful online search, he found ZOOMJO's official website and became very interested in its concrete machinery products. After the customer left a message, ZOOMJO's sales team quickly contacted him to learn more about his needs.

self loading concrete mixer structure diagram

The ZC3.5 self-mounted mixer is characterized by high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality and easy operation, which is very suitable for the customer's needs in Kazakhstan. After that, the sales representative recommended ZC3.5 self-loading concrete mixer to the customer. After careful consideration, the customer accepted this suggestion and placed an order. After the order was confirmed, ZOOMJO's factory staff immediately arranged the loading and delivery to ensure efficient delivery.

Self-loading concrete mixer case

Besides Kazakhstan, ZOOMJO's self-loading concrete mixers are exported all over the world, providing reliable solutions for the construction industry in different countries. Below are some examples:

ZOOMJO ZC2.6 self-loading concrete mixer was exported to Australia in December 2020

ZOOMJO ZC3.5 self loading concrete mixer was exported to Philippines in November 2020

ZOOMJO ZC4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer was exported to Russia in October, 2020

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Re-use in Road Construction

ZOOMJO ZC3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer was exported to Uzbekistan in September, 2020

ZOOMJO ZC1.8 Self Loading Concrete Mixer was exported to Kyrgyzstan in August 2020.

ZOOMJO self-loading concrete mixer manufacturer

Besides ZC3.5, ZOOMJO also provides different models of self loading concrete mixer such as ZC1.8, ZC2.6, ZC3.5, ZC4.0, ZC5.5 and ZC6.5 to meet the diversified needs of customers. If you are interested in any of these models or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with detailed information and answers within 24 hours.

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