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Why Does The Mixing Drum Of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Rotate While Driving?

2023-05-12 16:47

In many construction sites, we often see self-loading concrete mixer trucks for concrete production, these mixer trucks will also turn while driving, many people think that this is just to mix concrete, but in fact there are many technical contents in this.

First, it is necessary to understand why secondary mixing is done in a mixer truck. When the material is loaded onto the loading arm, the driver can lift the loading arm and lift the material to the mixing tank mouth and then pour it into the mixing tank, which is only the initial material that has just been mixed and needs to be mixed after batching to ensure uniformity. And in the concrete in the process of transportation, it will be affected by the vibration of the vehicle, temperature changes and other factors, which will cause the coarse aggregate in the concrete to sink or the cement slurry to separate. Therefore, secondary mixing in the mixer truck is needed to ensure the homogeneity and quality of the concrete.

Self Loading Cement Mixer Truck

For the self-loading mixer truck, the rotation speed of the tank is also very important. Generally speaking, the mixer truck should be ensured to operate within the speed range of 10 rpm to 30 rpm, which can be reduced appropriately in summer. If the mixing process is too frequent, it will lead to excessive evaporation of water from the concrete, which will affect the casting quality of the concrete components with quality defects such as honeycomb, surface pockmark, and rib leakage. Therefore, the mixer truck needs to carry out secondary mixing under the condition of ensuring that the concrete does not segregate and initial set.

The mixer truck needs to pay attention to the number of tank rotations and the uniformity of concrete during the driving process. If the tank rotates too slowly, the coarse aggregate inside the concrete will easily sink and affect the uniformity of the concrete; if it rotates too fast, it will increase the water loss and slump, which will affect the unloading effect and will have some impact on the safety of the driver.

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