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Ready Mix Plant Sale in Thailand

2023-06-16 16:44

ZOOMJO is a leading manufacturer and seller of mixing plants in China, with extensive business dealings in Southeast Asia. Especially in Thailand, we have achieved remarkable sales results. This year, the booming construction market in Thailand has brought new hope to the concrete industry, with high-end condominium and villa projects popping up in Chiang Mai and Pattaya, among others.

Recently, we worked with a Thai construction contractor whose company is located in Bangkok and plans to build a mixing plant with a capacity of 150 cubic meters per hour. After thorough market research and technical consultation, we finally provided him with a combined batching plant solution, i.e. a mixing plant using both HZS60 and HZS90 models.

The first is the HZS60 batching plant, which has a capacity of 60 cubic meters per hour and is equipped with a JS1000 twin-shaft mixer. This model of mixing plant has efficient and stable mixing performance and can meet the concrete demand of small and medium-sized projects.

Belt Conveyor Fixed Concrete Mixing Plant

Next is the HZS90 batching plant, which is capable of providing 90 cubic meters of concrete per hour and equipped with a JS1500 twin-shaft mixer. the HZS90 batching plant has a larger capacity and is suitable for concrete production in large construction projects.

What's more, both HZS60 and HZS90 mixing plants can operate simultaneously to provide 150 cubic meters of concrete production per hour. When a project requires a large amount of concrete, both mixing plants can be activated at the same time to meet the construction schedule. At the same time, they can also work independently with flexibility and diversified production capacity.

Both plants are equipped with three 60-ton cement silos and a batching plant with four bins. The configuration of these units allows the plants to efficiently store and supply cement, aggregates and admixtures, ensuring the quality and consistency of the concrete.

By working with our Thai customer, ZOOMJO has further strengthened its leading position in the manufacture and sale of mixing plants. With high quality, reliability and technological innovation at our core, we continue to meet the needs of our customers while responding positively to the growth opportunities in the Thai construction market.

ZOOMJO offers stationary concrete mixing plants, mobile concrete mixing plants, foundationless concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing pumps, concrete trailer pumps, and self-discharging concrete mixers. We provide comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to our customers.

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