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China Ready Mix Concrete Plant - RMC Concrete batch Plant Price

2023-09-27 11:18

In the construction industry, ready-mixed concrete plants are a crucial piece of equipment and resource, which are widely used not only in large-scale projects such as large bridges and power projects, but also play a key role in municipal construction and other fields.

Ready-mix concrete plants have the capacity to produce a wide range of concrete types, including plastic concrete, rigid concrete, liquid concrete, and lightweight aggregate concrete. This makes it ideal for the production of concrete products as it can meet the varying needs of various projects.

ready mix concrete plant for sale

With a high degree of mechanization and automation, ready-mixed concrete plants are not only powerful in terms of production capacity, but also in terms of energy savings. Compared with stationary concrete mixing plants, ready-mixed concrete plants can change their location according to construction needs, which provides great convenience for projects that require frequent changes of construction sites.

Ready-mixed concrete plants in urban construction

With the rapid development of urbanization, the demand for municipal construction projects increases dramatically. Therefore, ready-mixed concrete plants have a broad market in the field of municipal construction. Concrete is an essential resource in any large-scale municipal project, and ready-mixed concrete mixing plant is the ideal choice to change the face of the city.

Ready Mix Concrete Plant Working Principle

Advantages of ZOOMJO ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

Why choose a ZOOMJO ready-mix concrete mixing plant? Here are some key advantages:

1. ZOOMJO adopts JS series horizontal double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which is characterized by good uniformity of concrete mixing, short mixing time, long service life, high automation and stable operation to ensure concrete quality.

2. It adopts the latest design concepts such as electronic weighing, microcomputer control and digital display, with high measuring precision to ensure accurate control of the production process.

3. ZOOMJO equipment has low cost, can be transported and installed separately, easy to relocate, and suitable for various engineering needs.

4. The control system adopts advanced form of automatic control and is also equipped with manual control, which is easy to operate and simple to maintain.

5. ZOOMJO's concrete mixing plant avoids dust and noise pollution and is an environmentally friendly choice.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Ready Mix Concrete Plant Setup Cost

The price of a ready-mix concrete plant varies depending on a number of factors, including equipment specifications, production capacity, additional features, and geographic location. Prices can be customized according to the customer's specific needs and budget.ZOOMJO mixing plants are available in a wide range of sizes to meet the various needs of construction projects. We offer a wide range of ready-mixed concrete plants, with setup costs ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, to meet the needs of projects of different sizes.

ZOOMJO Ready Mix Concrete Plant Manufacturer

ZOOMJO was established in 1995 with a history of 28 years, and over the years we have become a leader in the field of mixing plant manufacturing. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and excellent service, no matter what kind of concrete mixing plant you need, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

Concrete Batching Plant Suppliers

ZOOMJO Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Specifications

ModelHZS / ZJ25HZS / ZJ35HZS / ZJ50HZS / ZJ60HZS / ZJ75HZS / ZJ90HZS / ZJ120HZS / ZJ180HZS / ZJ240
Concrete mixerJS 500JS750JS1000JS1000JS1500JS1500JS2000JS3000JS4000
Mixer discharging capacity0.5m³0.75m³1m³1m³1.5m³1.5m³2m³3m³4m³
Feeding ModeLift HopperLift HopperLift HopperBelt ConveyorLift HopperBelt ConveyorBelt ConveyorBelt ConveyorBelt Conveyor
Aggregate batching machinePLD800PLD1000PLD1600PLD1600PLD2400PLD2400PLD3200PLD4800PLD6400
Kinds of aggregate2/3/42/3/43/43/4/53/43/4/53/4/53/4/53/4/5
Max aggregate size80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm80/100mm
Discharging height3.8m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.1m4.3m4.3m4.3m
Aggregate weighing accuracy±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%±2%
Cement weighting accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Water weighing accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
Additive weighing accuracy±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
General installed power≈65kw≈75kw≈100kw≈110kw≈140kw≈160kw≈220kw≈290kw≈340kw
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