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Mobile Ready Mix Concrete Plant

2024-03-08 10:49

We have recently installed a brand new mobile ready-mixed concrete plant in Vietnam. As an advanced production equipment for the construction industry, mobile ready-mixed concrete plants have many unique advantages and are increasingly favored by construction companies.

Mobile Ready Mix Concrete Plant For Sale

Components of a mobile ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

The mobile ready-mixed concrete mixing plant we installed consists of the following core components.

✔️ Twin-shaft concrete mixer (drum or planetary type can also be used).

✔️ Aggregate batcher (usually 3 or 4 bins).

✔️ automatic dosing devices for cement, water and admixtures.

✔️ Horizontal cement silos or mobile horizontal silos.

✔️ Screw conveyors.

✔️ fully automatic computerized control system.

This integrated design realizes the automation and intelligent management of concrete production.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Unique advantages of mobile ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

➡️ No need to build large concrete foundations, which saves a lot of time, cost and labor.

➡️ Installation and maintenance is extremely easy and efficient, we can usually complete the installation within 3 days in China.

➡️ The entire line is modularly integrated and can be easily disassembled and transferred to other sites.

Thanks to these unique advantages, mobile ready-mixed concrete plants are ideally suited to construction projects that require frequent changes of location.

Concrete Batching Plant Delivery

ZOOMJO: Your concrete mixing plant specialist!

As an experienced concrete mixing equipment manufacturer, ZOOMJO not only provides mobile ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, but also produces a full range of products such as stationary mixing plant, foundationless concrete mixing plant, concrete transfer pump, etc., providing one-stop purchasing and service for customers.

Our products are of high quality and excellent performance. At present, our equipment has been distributed in 105 countries and regions, exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, the Americas and other places, highly praised by customers.

If you need more information about Mobile Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant, please contact ZOOMJO sales team, we will be happy to serve you.

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