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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant to Mongolia

2024-03-18 14:58

As a leading manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment, ZOOMJO is always able to provide customers with high quality and efficient solutions. Recently, one of our 90 m3/h mobile concrete mixing plant has been assembled and commissioned, and is about to be shipped to the construction site in the interior of Mongolia.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Advantages of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The biggest advantage of the mobile concrete mixing plant, which is suitable for roads, bridges, housing construction and other projects, is its excellent mobility. The unique containerized design makes the whole production line modular, which is easy for quick loading and unloading and assembly. When the project location changes, the entire plant can be quickly disassembled and transferred to the next construction site, significantly reducing the time and cost of repeated construction.

With its flexible and efficient deployment capability, the mobile mixing plant is the ideal solution for on-site concrete supply, benefiting both large-scale infrastructure projects and temporary sites.

In addition to this, the ZOOMJO mobile mixing plant offers.

✔️ Fully automatic computerized control system, which is easy to learn and does not require specialized personnel.

✔️ The special design is convenient for the concrete transportation mixer to collect the concrete and reduce the waste of material.

✔️ It can be operated by two persons, which saves labor cost and improves production efficiency.

Concrete Batching Plant Customer Case

Various types of concrete mixing plant

ZOOMJO mobile mixing plants are available in a wide range of models for different project sizes and conditions. In addition to the 90m³/h model delivered in this case, there are also 25m³/h, 35m³/h and 60m³/h mainstream models. Whether it is a large-scale construction project or a small or medium-sized project, you can find the most suitable mobile mixing plant.

With years of experience, ZOOMJO has independently developed a series of industry-leading technologies, and all mixing plants are equipped with.

✔️ Automatic control system to ensure accurate dosing and operation.

✔️ High-efficiency mixers for fast and uniform mixing of all kinds of raw materials.

✔️ Environmentally friendly design, effectively reducing dust and noise pollution.

The quality and performance of the products are guaranteed by the advanced configurations and so on.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

ZOOMJO mixing plant is not only popular in the domestic market, but also sells well all over the world, and has won the praise of customers. We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance, to ensure that our customers can use the plant without any worries.

We offer a wide range of mixing plants, including mobile, stationary and foundationless mixing plants, to meet your different needs.

If you are looking for a high quality, reliable and durable concrete mixing plant, then ZOOMJO is the ideal choice for you, contact our sales staff for a quote.

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