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JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer: Installation & Commissioning

2023-12-01 11:50

JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer is a kind of high efficient concrete mixing equipment, which adopts double shaft forced mixing method and can mix dry hard, plastic, flowing, lightweight and all kinds of concrete.JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer is widely used in large and medium-sized construction projects, water conservancy, electric power, bridges and so on, and it is a hot-selling product of ZOOMJO Group. In order to help users operate the mixer better, we will list the basic installation and commissioning tips of JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer.

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Installation of Concrete Mixer

JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer should be installed on a flat site and the legs of the mixer should be placed on a hard concrete foundation. The pit should be higher than the ground to avoid water flowing into the pit.Users should use crane to lift the mixer and then install the legs, ladder and chute. Users shall keep the frame on the same level and shall not skew and shift the track due to improper installation procedures.

After the installation is completed, the user should check whether the parts of the mixer are intact, and if there is any damage or missing parts, they should be replaced or supplemented in time. Users should also check whether the parts of the mixer are firmly connected, if there is any looseness or oil leakage, the seals should be tightened or replaced in time.

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Inspection of concrete mixer before test run

Before the test run, the user should carry out a comprehensive inspection of the mixer to ensure the normal operation of the mixer. The specific inspection contents are as follows:

1. Check the gear box and lubrication of the concrete mixer. The amount of oil in the gear box should be between the upper and lower limits of the oil mark, and the oil should be clean and free of impurities. The lubrication points should be coated with sufficient lubricating oil or grease, and the lubrication system should be free of blockage or leakage.

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2. Check the power supply voltage of the concrete mixer, the rated voltage should be 380V and the error should be within 5%. The power cord should meet the safety requirements and the wiring should be correct. The connection of the motor and electrical components should be firm and reliable, and the shell of the distribution box must be reliably connected to the ground. All pipelines should be properly placed to prevent accidents caused by extrusion or impact.

3. Check the connecting bolts of all parts of the mixer, especially the moving parts, and tighten them in time if they are loose. The direction of rotation of the mixing shaft should be the same as the direction of the indicator plate. If the direction is wrong, the user should replace the power wiring.

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4. Check the lifting and unloading of the hopper. Start the coil motor to lift the hopper, check the lifting process of the hopper and whether the upper and lower limits are reliable. The hopper should be smooth and free from jamming, the wire rope should be free from breakage or abrasion, and the pulley should be free from jamming or skewing. Test the unloading door, the opening and closing of the unloading door should be accurate, and the sealing of the unloading door should be free of material leakage.

5. Check the working condition of water pump. Turn on the pump motor, carefully check the direction of rotation of the pump, the pump should have no abnormal sound or vibration, the inlet and outlet of the pump should be free of blockage or leakage, and the pressure gauge of the pump should show normal pressure value.

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