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How to Maintain the Foundation-Free Concrete Mixing Plant?

2024-03-12 15:44

Foundationless concrete mixing plant is a new type of mixing plant, which has the advantages of no need for fixed foundation, easy to move, quick installation and so on. In recent years, foundationless concrete mixing plant has been widely used and plays an important role in the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and other projects.

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In order to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of foundationless concrete mixing plant, regular maintenance is required.

Maintenance Methods

The maintenance of foundationless concrete mixing plant mainly includes the following aspects:

➡️ Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of the mixing plant can prevent the accumulation of cement, aggregates and other materials, which can affect the performance of the mixing plant. Components to be cleaned include mixing drums, discharge chutes, conveyor belts, and so on.

➡️ Lubrication

Regular lubrication of the moving parts of the mixing plant can ensure its normal operation. Parts to be lubricated include bearings, conveyor belt rollers, etc.

➡️ Checking Electrical Components

Check the electrical parts of the mixing plant, such as motors, sensors, control systems, etc., for wear, damage or looseness. If there are any problems, they need to be dealt with promptly.

➡️ Check conveyor belts and hoppers

Regularly check the conveyor belt and hopper for wear, tear or deflection. If there are any problems, they need to be repaired or replaced promptly.

➡️ Monitor mixing performance

Regularly monitor the mixing performance of the plant to ensure the quality of the concrete. If there is any abnormality, it needs to be adjusted in time.

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➡️ Calibrate the weighing system

The weighing system is an important part of the mixing plant to accurately measure the amount of material used. The weighing system needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure its accuracy.

➡️ Checking the water system

Check the water system of the mixing plant to ensure proper water flow, accurate measurement and no leakage.

➡️ Check the pneumatic system

If the mixing plant is equipped with a pneumatic system, components such as air compressors, valves and air lines need to be checked regularly.

➡️ Monitor the dust removal system

Foundationless concrete mixing plants are usually equipped with a dust extraction system to minimize dust emissions. The dust extraction system needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure its effective operation.

➡️ Training and safety measures

Operators and maintenance personnel are trained to ensure that they can operate and maintain the plant safely and efficiently.

➡️ Record maintenance information

Record information on what, when, and what parts are replaced for each maintenance visit to track maintenance history and plan for future maintenance.

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➡️ Follow the manufacturer's guidelines

Follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer for model-specific mixing plant maintenance recommendations.

Regular maintenance of a foundationless concrete mixing plant is critical to ensure proper operation, concrete quality and long service life. Regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection, monitoring, calibration, and recording of maintenance information is required and follows the manufacturer's guidelines.


The following precautions need to be taken when performing maintenance on a foundationless concrete mixing plant:

✔️ Maintenance should be performed with the mixing plant out of service.

✔️ The power and gas supply to the mixing plant should be disconnected.

✔️ Safety protective equipment, such as safety helmet, safety glasses, safety gloves, etc. should be worn.

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