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Vietnamese Customer Orders Electric Concrete Mixer Pump For House Construction

2023-05-25 11:08

Recently, a customer in Vietnam successfully ordered a ZBJ40D electric concrete mixer pump, which the customer received in less than 7 days after placing the order. This mixer pump integrates the functions of a traditional concrete pump and mixer, enabling operators to produce high quality concrete quickly by simplifying the operating structure. It stands out for its low power consumption, compact size, easy portability and affordability.

The ZBJ40D electric concrete mixer pump is capable of conveying concrete with aggregate particle size of 4cm and below, with a displacement range from 40m³/h to 100m³/h. It is widely used for concrete or mortar conveying in the fields of civil engineering, transportation, railroad, water conservancy, electric power and defense engineering. With excellent performance and flexible applicability, this equipment can meet the needs of various engineering projects.

Electric concrete mixer pump sent to Vietnam

This customer chose the ZBJ40D-10-45 model with electric power type, which can pump up to 140 meters vertically and 600 meters horizontally. He plans to use this equipment in building projects with 3-6 floors. By introducing this electric concrete mixing pump, the customer's house construction work efficiency has been significantly improved. This equipment is able to replace the workload of five or six people, which greatly saves labor costs.

As a professional supplier of concrete conveying equipment, ZOOMJO has been committed to providing high quality products and excellent services. Besides electric concrete mixer pumps, we also supply concrete trailer pumps, self-loading mixers, concrete mixers and many other kinds of equipment. Customers can choose the most suitable equipment according to their needs, so as to realize the smooth construction of the project.

If you have concrete, mortar, cement and other mixing or conveying needs, please feel free to contact us. Our team of engineers will provide you with the most suitable equipment solutions according to your specific needs and actual application scenarios.

As a professional concrete mixer pump supplier, ZOOMJO not only has fast response time, but also provides professional pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure you get full support during the purchase and use process. Whether you need concrete mixer pump, concrete trailer pump, self loading mixer truck or concrete mixer, we can provide you with high quality products and excellent service.

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