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Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant For Sale & Purchase

2023-06-02 14:53

With the rapid development of the construction industry, the demand for concrete has been increasing. In such a market environment, mobile concrete mixing plant has become one of the indispensable equipments in construction.

As a professional supplier of mobile concrete mixing plant equipment, ZOOMJO can manufacture and sell many types of concrete mixing plants, whether fixed, mobile, belt, bucket or foundationless concrete mixing plant. As a factory source, ZOOMJO is able to provide high quality products at low factory price, bringing customers a better cost performance.

Concrete mixing plant factory

So, what exactly is a concrete mixing plant?

A concrete mixing plant is a type of equipment used to produce concrete by mixing raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel and aggregate to form a homogeneous concrete mixture. A mixing plant usually consists of a feeding system, a mixing system, an electrical control system and a storage system. Among them, the feeding system is responsible for conveying raw materials to the mixer in a certain proportion, while the mixing system mixes the raw materials thoroughly to ensure the homogeneity and quality of the concrete. The electrical control system is used to monitor and control the entire production process, while the storage system is used to store the produced concrete for subsequent use.

Unlike stationary concrete mixing plants, mobile plants are designed for short-term projects and projects that require frequent movement of concrete production facilities. Although they may look compact or much smaller, they combine all the features of fixed concrete mixing plants with some remarkable highlights of their own, making them the preferred choice of many construction sites and contractors who can use them in a variety of applications. To meet a wide range of needs, ZOOMJO's portable mixing plants, which produce an average of 25-120 cubic meters of concrete per hour, are not only environmentally friendly, but also perfectly suited to the moderate demand for high quality and diverse concrete volumes.

Concrete mixing plant structure diagram

Concrete mixing plants have many advantages

The mobile mixing plant has convenient mobility and can be quickly relocated and installed according to site needs, saving a lot of time and human resources. Secondly, the mixing plant is highly automated and simple to operate, requiring only a small number of personnel to complete the production process, improving efficiency. In addition, the mixing plant is able to adjust and control the proportion of concrete as needed to meet the requirements of different projects. Most importantly, the high production efficiency of the mixing plant ensures the quality and stability of the concrete, improving the safety of construction and the quality of the project.

Besides providing high quality products, ZOOMJO is also favored by customers for its professional pre-sales and after-sales services. We welcome purchasers, companies and individuals to visit our factory to understand the production process and equipment performance of concrete mixing plant, and provide relevant technical guidance and solutions. Whether in the process of purchase or in the process of using the equipment, if there are any questions about the mixing plant, customers can contact ZOOMJO at any time, and we will provide timely help and technical support.

ZOOMJO, as a professional mixing plant equipment production factory, has won the market recognition with its diversified products and high quality pre-sales and after-sales services. Whether in sales or procurement, you can get satisfactory results by choosing ZOOMJO. If you have any needs or questions about concrete mixing plants, consider contacting us and we will be happy to provide you with professional support and services.

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