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Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

2024-02-26 11:43

What is dry mix concrete mixing plant? Dry mix concrete mixing plant is a new type of concrete production equipment, which does not have the mixing function, but weighs all the materials proportionally and then unloads them into the concrete transportation mixer truck, and completes the mixing in the transportation process.

Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Compared with the traditional wet-mix concrete mixing plant, dry-mix concrete mixing plant has many advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, high production efficiency, wide range of application, etc. It is an irreplaceable, efficient and environmentally friendly concrete production solution for modern construction projects.

Working Principle

ZOOMJO's dry mix concrete batching plant consists of aggregate batching machine, conveyor, cement silo, screw conveyor, various scales, collection hopper, legs and central control system. It works as follows:

✔️ Aggregate (sand, gravel) is weighed by the aggregate batching machine and then conveyed to the aggregate collection hopper through a belt conveyor;

✔️ Water, cement and admixtures are weighed by their respective measuring devices and added to the aggregate collection hopper;

✔️ The concrete transportation mixer truck is parked under the hopper to receive all materials;

✔️ During transportation, the concrete transport mixer mixes the materials;

✔️ Upon arrival at the construction site, the mixed concrete is ready for use.

Skip Hoist Concrete Batching Plants Parts

Characteristics of Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Dry mix concrete mixing plant has the following features and advantages:

➡️ Energy saving and environmental protection: no need to use water for mixing, reducing water waste, energy consumption and carbon emission.

➡️ High production efficiency: no need for mixing time, production efficiency can be increased by more than 50%.

➡️ Wide range of application: suitable for various complex conditions such as high temperature, high heat, high altitude and long-distance transportation.

➡️ Cost reduction: reduce equipment investment and operation cost.

➡️ Improvement of quality: reduce the effect of moisture, improve the quality and durability of concrete.

➡️ Simple operation: automated control, easy to operate and learn.

Application Scenarios of Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Dry mix concrete mixing plant is widely used in all kinds of construction projects, especially those projects which are far away from concrete mixing plant. In these projects, the dry mix concrete mixing plant can ensure that the quality of concrete is not affected during the long-distance transportation. In addition, for some projects where the quality of concrete is not very strict, dry mix concrete mixing plant is also an ideal choice.

Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant Suppliers

ZOOMJO is a concrete mixing plant manufacturer with many years of experience, dedicated to providing customers with high quality and efficient dry mix concrete mixing plant. Our products are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, highly productive, widely applicable, cost reducing, quality improving, easy to operate, and widely used in highways, bridges, tunnels, high-rise buildings, civil buildings and other fields.

✔️ Output: 50-160 cubic meters/hour

✔️ Aggregate batching method: belt conveying type, skip lifting type

✔️ Mixing method: transportation mixer truck mixing

✔️ Control system: PLC automatic control

✔️ Optional Configurations: cement silo, screw conveyor, admixture metering system, dust collection system, etc.

Welcome to contact ZOOMJO for more information and quotation about dry mix concrete mixing plant! In addition to dry mix concrete batching plant, ZOOMJO also provides a wide range of products and services such as mobile concrete batching plant, skip lift concrete batching plant and foundationless concrete batching plant to meet the needs of different customers.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy dry mix concrete batching plant supplier, please contact ZOOMJO. we will be happy to serve you!

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